Mayor: Woodinville 'steps up when it sees injustice'

As your mayor, I wanted to let you know that I am proud of our community. This community steps up when we see injustice. We speak up when we hear prejudice. We offer food when our neighbors are hungry. We organize when others need help. We give when we see those who are in need.

At this time of uncertainty, injustice, fear, anger, and disillusionment, we are going to band together. We are going to stand up against violence. We are going to stand up against chaos and unlawful behavior. We are going to stand up and protest the distraction from what is most important: Tolerance and respect.

At a time when we are already fraught with anxiety and isolation, we are in need of calm, in need of a determined and mindful approach to becoming whole again.

Your city supports and encourages peaceful protests. We do not support or condone violence or hate. We are one strong and resilient community who accepts all people, listens to all voices, and is responsive to the needs of all citizens.

Recent examples of injustice and gross misconduct on the part of those we are meant to trust and rely on for our safety have led to distrust and unrest and deep hurt across the world. 

What we can do here in our community of Woodinville is be part of the solution by working toward change, we can continue to care for our families and friends and neighbors, and we can trust that we are going to get to the other side of this with resolve. 

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