Pet of the Week - Jasmine - Aug. 5, 2019


Do you like to chat over your morning coffee? What about over your lunch, or even your dinner? If so, we have the perfect chatty companion for you in the shape of a cat! With two sweet, round eyes, and one beautiful voice, this 8-year-old tabby is anything but ordinary. From the moment you meet her you’ll be consumed by her charms. Her vocal repertoire is vast and impressive. When she’s ran out of words to say, she loves nothing more than cheek rubs and chin scratches. She really leans in for the pet, using all her bodyweight to push her head into your hands. Nothing is better! Jasmine lived with mellow dogs before and did okay, but would prefer to be the only cat in her new home. Any kids in the home should be close to their teenage years. Come have a chat with Jasmine today! 

Homeward Pet is located at 13132 NE 177th Place in Woodinville and is open for visitors between 12pm and 6pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

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