Classic car corner

  • Written by Tom Berg, Windermere

My Saturday mornings are usually reserved for golf or hiking but recently neither of those options were available so I thought I should finally check out the Saturday morning car show at Redmond Town Center. It’s held every Saturday morning (during the “nice” season) in the big back parking lot.

It’s a somewhat informal gathering of some amazing, mostly contemporary cars. As an added incentive I had a nice red 1982 Mercedes 380 SL to take that I was trying to sell for a fellow real estate broker. I had heard that the level of cars at this event was very high and I was not let down in the least. I was the only car for sale there and there were only three or four cars there older than my little Mercedes. They included a beautiful 1960s VW camper van (they now fetch $100,000 or so), a 1960s Ferrari sedan that looked totally original and a really cool 1960s Roll Royce station wagon, one of only eight made and it had recently traveled all of Route 66 from California to Chicago. It was a “coach built” car which means the body was actually made by someone other than Rolls Royce which was a common practice before WWII but rare after that.


As some of these cars left it was cool hearing their engines fire up and rumble out of the lot. As they hit the street, some of them jumped on the throttle and the sound was amazing. I was surprised the cops didn’t just park out on the street to deter such behavior. This being my first visit I think I’ll go again and perhaps bring one of my old cars to see what the response will be. See ya there.

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