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Good news---bad news:  I finally got around to selling a car!  I’ve always said that I like to drive my cars and I finally had to concede that I was no longer able to drive each one of them enough to even keep them running.  I now know how many is too many so I parted with my 1962 T-bird.  It was a great car, good driver and very dependable but something had to go so I took it to the Lucky Collector Car Auction at Tacoma’s LeMay Marymount Event Center and got what I needed to out of it.  Someone got a pretty nice car.  So how long did I last until another car came along?  I must admit not very long at all.  About two weeks later I was surfing through Craigslist under Studebaker just to see what was listed and a car I was familiar with was now for sale.  Several years ago I stopped by the Saturday afternoon car gathering at back of McDonald’s in Clearview, Wash.  I happened to be driving my Studebaker Grand Tourisimo Hawk and I saw an empty parking space next to another Studebaker.  Studebakers are not all that common so I thought it would be cool to have two of them side by side so I pulled in next to it.  The other Studebaker was a great looking 1957 President Broadmoor 4 door wagon in Apache red and Arctic white.  I talked to the owner for awhile and learned the entire history of the car. I was really impressed and thought I would see if I could find one someday for myself.  I never found another one anywhere in the United States and darned if this one didn’t show up on Craigslist right after I sell a car.  I knew immediately it was the same car I had seen years before and I knew I was going to have to buy it so I did.

carStudebaker produced 1457 of this model in 1957 in South Bend, Indiana.  It was made that year only and cost $2,666, the highest of any of the Studebaker models that year and weighed 3,415 pounds.  It came with the Studebaker 289 cubic inch 225 horsepower V-8, automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes.  It doesn’t have power windows or power seat which is just as well since they are usually the first thing to go bad on a vintage car.  A really cool extra is the Chrome tissue dispenser ($3.75 option) which is just under the dash on the drivers side and pulls out when you want a tissue.  I think this Wagon is easier to drive than any of my other cars.  It really does get a lot of looks and people constantly want to talk to me about it when I’m out and about town.

Now I have just as many cars as I had before I sold the T-bird so another one must go.  I keep telling myself that we don’t really even own these cars; we are just taking care of them for a while.  Either the car or us has eventually got to go so I actually put my wonderful 1948 Studebaker Convertible on EBay (a first for me) and I’ll see how that goes.  I might even part with my 1970 Jeepster Commando because I am really serious about reducing the herd.  Good luck to me with that!

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