2018 Acura TLX A-SPEC

  • Written by By Julie Boselly with some assistance from Jack Unruh
Acura has always been known for well-crafted cars, and the 2018 TLX lives up to its reputation. With an interior that is in (almost) every way user-friendly, and an exterior that is incredibly pleasing to look at, this sedan does not disappoint. The lack of excitement and sportiness that the A-SPEC package promises make the price tag seem a little far-fetched though.
TLX18 047 gallery18 LTLX SH-AWD® with A-SPEC Package in Bellanova White PearlThe A-SPEC certainly picks up  speed  faster  than my every-day car, but you don’t feel out of control, which is a positive! It handles corners and turns well. However, 290 horsepower is equivalent to many options at lower price points. Braking also seemed rough at times. I’d like to drive the base model to see the difference in handling.
We had the car during the first snow. It’s important to remember to clear the car and sensors so all the features work properly. I had a notification light on indicating the braking assistance would not work because it was blocked.  
Things I am not a fan of: push-button park, drive, reverse, etc. I read another review where they talked about the gear selection buttons being sporty and convenient. It definitely doesn’t feel like a quick process having to look down to push the proper button. 
Some features found in many tech packages now, have become better since the last time we tested cars. Are you an Android user? Android Auto lets you connect your cell phone to the car and use Google maps, send messages, make calls, etc. I hear there’s an Apple CarPlay out there too, but we’re not an Apple family so we can’t comment on how well it works.
If the Acura TLX interests you, be sure to check all the models to see what best fits your budget. It’s a solid car, just a tad pricey for our liking.
A+ for aesthetics. B+ for handling.
Safety ratings were not available. 
MSRP as tested: $45,750
Base model 2018 Acura TLX starts at $33,000
Engine: 3.5L V-Tech V6
290 Horsepower
MPG: 20 City / 29 Hwy
9-speed automatic transmission
SH-AWD System
Technology Package
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