Classic Car Corner - Studie

More Car Action.  Alas, I finally got serious about reducing my fleet and put my 48 Studebaker convertible on Ebay.  Although I had 1199 purchases over the years on Ebay I had never even tried to sell anything but this car. It is very unique and the odds of finding a buyer around here seemed slim.  Ebay would reach the whole world (I even had an offer from Spain).   There are some negatives with Ebay--scams, bidders who don’t follow through, lack of interest (a lot of cars don’t sell), and lots of questions from potential buyers.  I had set a reserve price  and  the starting price at half of that.  It would be a 10 day auction and I had lots of interest and a few bids right away but the final bid was well below my reserve.  I called the high bidder and he wasn’t willing to go my reserve price. Meanwhile two people contacted me who hadn’t even bid and both wanted it at my price.  The bidders were from Florida and California and I sold it to the Californian so off it went.
studieThe buyer had no other Classics and the weather there is drier than ours so it should get plenty of use with its new family.
I do miss my Studie but it was its  time to go so now the question was... Could I just hang on to those dollars for awhile and not buy any more cars?  I think we all know the answer to that one.  I decided to put my ‘66 Ford pickup up for sale and while checking out prices on Craigslist I happened upon  a modern (1988) pickup in nice shape right here in Woodinville that I had to buy.  It’s actually a new age truck to me--automatic, power steering, power brakes, power windows and door locks, air conditioning, disc brakes in front, and fuel injection which means with no carburetor so it will start all the time.  It’s not really as cool looking or sounding as the ‘66 but it should be very reliable.   This purchase gave me even more incentive to get my ‘66 listed so I put it on Craigslist and with in an hour had a guy from New York who wants it!!!  He may even buy my one of my other rigs so I’ll see how that works out in the next couple of days.
In the meantime, I am having my ‘54 Willys pickup converted to 12 volts so that it will actually start when I want it to and I can finally drive it around.  As fate would have it I was just referred by a friend to a fellow Woodinvillite who has a stock ‘55 Willys pickup he wants to sell that’s actually nicer than mine.  I checked it out and found out the hard way that it had NO brakes. Fortunately the hand brake worked and I didn’t crash.  When he gets it fixed I may consider buying it.  Just a couple of days later as I pull out of my office I see another nice Willys truck driving right down main street so I followed him to his home and chatted with him about his pickup.  Sure enough it’s for sale too!!  I may end up with a fleet of Willys pickups.  Well, maybe next year I will be a little more successful at reducing my fleet.

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