Classic Car Corner - June 25, 2012

carsCar show season is here.  If you enjoy seeing great cars of all vintages, then now is the time. You could attend two or three car shows each weekend if you wanted. There were three cars shows locally on Father’s Day weekend. To find out about local car shows go to for a complete listing of all the shows in the Pacific Northwest.

Each year I buy their “Northwest Car Events Calendar” at the first show of the year and circle all the events that interest me but for you techies it’s all online. My son even made fun of me because I still use TV Guide but I like to hold information in my hand.

My first show of the year was the Big Rock Classic Car and Cycle show. A wide range of vehicles showed up in the Safeway parking lot from the 1920’s to the present.

Hot rods, customs, race cars, vintage cars and trucks, Scooby Doo’s Mystery machine (complete with Scooby Doo himself) and even a tank! The tank and the Mystery Machine were big hits with the kids (including many of us big kids).

The show provided about 25 awards in various categories including “most original” which happened to be awarded to me for my 1938 Ford pickup. The weather was marginal and it even rained a couple of times.  Convertible tops went up and each time the rain quit, many car owners (not me) were seen drying their cars off.

The quality and variety of cars at this show is amazing and Roger, the Safeway manager and car nut, puts on a great show.

As a local, I’m there every year rain or shine.

On Father’s Day my son and I each drove one of my vehicles to the show at Bothell Village.

It’s a small show but lots of fun and a great place to meet fellow car guys. Again the variety of vehicles was interesting including a Rolls Royce and a Cadillac from the early 30s. They sure made some big luxury cars back then even though we were in the midst of the Great Depression.  No awards given out at this show, just a good time for all. I again drove my 38 Ford pickup and my son for the first time drove my 48 Studebaker convertible. We lucked out and left the top down all day. My son had never driven a column shift manual or one with overdrive so he seemed to enjoy the experience.  As an added bonus to our day, my 38 quit on the way home. It has a bad coil or condenser that cuts out when warm. It’ll be back on the road next week.   That’s part of the vintage car ownership experience and a good reason to have AAA.   The tow truck driver said he often has cars to tow after car shows.

Update on Tom’s cars:  The 31 Model A in my ad last month is actually my car and is for sale. The ad was a little confusing to some.  I recently bought a 1947 M5 mostly green (for now) Studebaker pickup with lots of power. As soon as the front disc brakes are installed ,watch for me around town. Right now it takes off real fast but slows down real slow.  That leaves me with just one car not running right now and when I get it going you are sure to hear me coming (no mufflers).

On July 5 (the start of summer weather), I look forward to seeing all you car guys (and gals) as you cruise past (or stop by) my office at Windermere. I have a streetside office with a big window so I don’t miss much.

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