Letters to the Editor - 6/18/18

  • Written by Readers
The report of Woodinville City Council’s last meeting was appalling and embarrassing. Not only in the way Bernie Talmas broke the news that he was stepping down (abruptly), but in the following conversations. Most disturbingly, was Mr. Talmas statement about qualified people running for office, such as “corporate executives, the economists, the CPAs, the lawyers.” That was so demeaning to “we the people of Woodinville.” Was he inferring that a citizen of Woodinville is inept of being on council? I was absolutely insulted as a community member. The continuous demand that the council vote for a new mayor was also very disturbing, what was the rush? The fact that Talmas selected James Evans and he was the one who got the vote, seemed almost as if it were planned by the two of them. The whole meeting seemed off and not a good representation of how a city council should be run. I hope that the council will take a look at the June meeting and review its behavior for future meetings. Please remember, you are representing the people of Woodinville, and all of us count on a more mature, adult like atmosphere from all of you at the council meetings.
Wendy Wands

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