Letters to the Editor - June 25, 2018

  • Written by Readers
Re: riding bikes to local schools. I’m pretty sure that neither Northshore School District or the local school administrators have legal control over the public streets and sidewalks. If my child would like to ride to school and *I*, as the parent of said child, deem it safe and that they are responsible enough to do so, then my child can ride their bike, legally via public thoroughfares, right up to the edge of the school property. It is at THAT point where NSD and local administrators get to have a say.
Can we stop being so “safe” that our kids don’t get to experience the world around us? If the problem is drivers, why are we penalizing the kids? Why not actually penalize the drivers causing the problems? Have a local policeman stop by frequently and take care of the offenders. Let’s place any blame where it should be, and let the kids have some fun, get some exercise and enjoy their childhood.
Tim Graves, 15 year Woodinville Resident

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