Letter to the Editor - July 23, 2018

  • Written by Readers
On July 3rd, 2018, our Shiloh Shepherd Sophie forced our back door open and jumped the back fence due to kids lighting off some M-80’s.  We spent an hour searching the nearby woods thinking she was hiding from the noise.
I posted on the Woodinville Neighbors Facebook page that she had gone missing and within seconds, neighbors responded.  We learned she had been running in the middle of the Woodinville/Duvall road for hours! Many people had called the police and tried to catch her. Complete strangers responded to my post by getting in their cars to look for her.  It was an overwhelming response and led to a very happy ending for our family.
Deputy Mark Orendorff and Deputy Ben Griffin responded to the traffic calls and tried to capture her.  Sophie is a big dog, 90 pounds, and she is very wary of strangers. They did finally box her in and through the police non-emergency dispatch, we were all able to meet up at Cottage Lake Safeway.  It would be hard to describe our joy and relief at finding our dog and the shame we felt at wasting these officers’ time.  A lecture would have been expected and appropriate but instead they were very kind and understanding and happy to reunite us. Kudos all around to Woodinville’s finest!
I realize this is not a particularly exciting or unusual story but what I learned from this is worth sharing.  We are constantly bombarded right now with a message that we are all divided.  It is depressing and it seems to affect everything in our lives.  Do not listen. Do not believe it because this message is false.  So many more things connect us on a basic level then divide us.  No one asked me what my political affiliations were before they decided to help out a neighbor.  It’s just what we do. It’s what makes our community special.  So block out the noise and let’s all enjoy something real-the wonderful community we live in.
Keep it up Neighbors!
Taya Vercelli

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