Letters to the Editor - November 12, 2018

Secondary Academy for Success (SAS)
Coming to Secondary Academy for Success (SAS), I had no idea that there was a stigma. By getting a job and telling more people where I went to school and hearing rude and sarcastic things, I realized there was so much negativity about it. Drugs and other substances are at all schools, not just at SAS, they are more known about because we are a smaller community of students.  We are good kids and we are learning in a way that works for us.
Today I am writing to you about the judgement about SAS. Students at SAS are constantly being judged and put down simply because they needed a different learning environment. A SAS student who I spoke to said one of the reasons that they didn't come here sooner was because of the judgement they'd been hearing from kids at the bigger high schools.
SAS individualizes learning and tries different things to make school fit for each student.  Being a senior and my second year here, I feel as if this issue is much larger than just SAS alone. Knowing the amount of people that have gone here or the people that have wanted to come here, but didn't because of what someone said is appalling. Personally deep down I know that just us alone won’t change the stigma about coming here.
SAS is a place where you can feel comfortable and be yourself. We the students of SAS don’t have the power to do it alone, so please support us as a member of the community.
Theresa Lewchuck
Bothell WA

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