Letters to the Editor - November 26, 2018

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Climate change is the number one threat to the bird communities, forests, and waterways of Washington.  For our birds, our communities, and the natural environment we all rely on, we need to quickly transition away from fossil fuels and towards a 100% clean energy economy..  After watching large out-of-state oil companies spend millions of dollars to protect the polluting economy of the past, we must demand that our legislature pass practical solutions that help move us into the clean energy economy we deserve.
Without swift action, rising temperatures, wildfires, and altered growing seasons will inflict untold harms to our environment and our economic well-being.
With the loss of I-1631 we missed a great opportunity to reduce our fossil fuel consumption and build the clean energy economy we need, but it’s not the only opportunity.  During this upcoming legislative session our elected officials have an opportunity to create a brighter future for our economy, our people, and the natural world that makes Washington so special.  They can do that by supporting legislation that puts us on a path to 100% clean energy.  Contact your state senator and representatives and urge them to work and vote for a clean energy future.
The Rev. Dr. Jim Rettig
The “SOUTHSIDE BYPASS”.  That is how the Woodinville stretch of NE 171st between Wilmot Gateway and 140th Ave NE was billed & built years ago.  TWO lanes in each direction enabling peaceful bypass of Main Street traffic.
Funneling that down to ONE lane and installing roundabouts so curly and narrow they are dizzying silliness is confounding. The Southside Bypass is now the “SOUTHSIDE BOTTLENECK”.  Each day I now travel to work via Main Street.  It is faster than The Bottleneck.  Merely pondering the millions of my tax dollars funding this multi-year conundrum is infuriating.
Make no mistake, I like roundabouts, but not when BLATANTLY DESIGNED TO HOGTIE TRAFFIC.  Did anyone look to the roundabout at the Hollywood Schoolhouse?  Yep, that puppy has TWO lanes.  Since its installation, traffic flow improved.
Pray tell which of our politicians supported this.  We need to know so we can help vote each and every one of you OUT OF OFFICE.
In the meantime, this 45-YEAR Woodinville resident will revert to the 1980’s, using the newly declared “MAIN STREET BYPASS.”
For your next project, consider eliminating the stretch of Woodinville Way from Woodinville-Duvall Road to Highway 9.  Revert the hill past the recycling plant back to a dirt road.  Then we can go back to the 1970’s… how fun would that be?
On a positive note, CONGRATS to LILY RICHARDSON on your win at The Congress (Woodinville Weekly, 11/12/18).  YOU GO GIRL!!  As an old-timer AJQHA World Champion, I admire & respect your dedication and sacrifice as few others can.                    
Janelle Stancik

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