Letters to the Editor - January 21, 2019

Microsoft has announced it will contribute $500 million toward affordable housing in the Puget Sound area.  Whereas, this will not solve the crisis, it is a great step forward toward a it includes a call-out to other big companies in the area to open up their philanthropic pocket books.

But this is not why I am writing.  I am wondering why our mayor’s name is not on the Microsoft draft that includes mayors of cities in the area, all pledging to eliminate and/or reduce costs associated with building affordable housing...permits, inspections etc.

One is left to believe that either our City or our mayor are of so little consequence that they were not contacted (I know they were contacted), or our City does not wish to be a part of helping make affordable housing truly affordable. 
Apparently all these other cities have room to find cost reduction in the permitting process, but Woodinville is running lean and efficient with no room to participate.

I rather think it a lot of both.

Kevin S. Murphy

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