Letters to the Editor - April 22, 2019

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As a child grown up in India, getting a good bike to ride to school and to do errands was always something that interested me. The journey from a small town in India to Woodinville has taught an important lesson to me and I try to pass that lesson to my kids and my community. The principle is to share if you can and try to grow together with your community as much as you can. Today I might be at better position than someone else in the community but tomorrow I may need some help. How do we make sure that few small hiccups don't tarnish the concept of a community where one should look for help when he/she needs help?  With the concept of 'Caring in Sharing', I want to share my small bit to the community. 
I ride my bike to the office everyday for the whole year and my employer takes care of my needs so I keep riding with the same energy. As part of riding this year, I thought that we should have more people riding bikes on our lanes. The weather is little rough, cars are easily available, too much time commitment to ride and many more things which might cause deterrence for bike riding in the area. I was thinking that this area might not even have a need of help to start riding but my American colleague corrected that there are always people who are in need of help. 
While I ride, I save my expenses on gas, car maintenance and lot of other things. That saving comes up around $200 per quarter. The more I ride, the more I save. I hope to share my savings to help someone else with biking.  I hope that other people will join me and we can make sure together that we see more bikes this summer and whole year.
Chetan Agrawal

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