Letters to the Editor - June 3, 2019

City council vacancy
Thank you to The Woodinville Weekly for reporting on the Woodinville City Council vacancy with an application deadline of June 10. We’re writing to add more context and to extend an invitation for applications.
The timing of the resignation is regrettable. Had the resignation been tendered a few days earlier, the vacant seat would have gone to a vote of the people of Woodinville, giving you the say as to who should fill it. As it is, the resignation, just two business days after the close of election filing week, results in the longest appointment possible under state law: nearly two and a half years.
Elections are always preferable to Council appointments, especially when there is so much at stake. The people of Woodinville have the right and responsibility to elect their representatives in an open fair election instead of relying on the six remaining Councilmembers to hurriedly decide for them. Sadly, in this case, you have been deprived of your right to participate in the elective process.
Given the unfortunate timing of this departure and the unprecedented length of the appointment, it is more important now than ever for City Council to receive applications from highly qualified citizens.
This is where you come in! If you care about Woodinville’s future and want to get involved, please consider applying for appointment. Even if you have never considered standing for public office but have the skills, temperament, or experience to help Woodinville move forward, please step up and serve. If you know someone else who lives in Woodinville and is qualified, ask them to apply. We need your help! Given the rushed nature of this appointment process – applications are due by June 10 – we need to act quickly to identify the best possible applicants for appointment.
With Woodinville’s tremendous talent pool, Council now has an opportunity to do what every employer tries to do in every hiring decision: “raise the mean” of talent in the organization. The risk, and the worst-case scenario we must avoid, is that there will be only one, underqualified applicant. We simply cannot afford to offer the appointment to an applicant with less than the best possible credentials and experience. Please help our community avoid that possibility.
Apply for appointment to the Woodinville City Council and be a part of the solution!
Susan Boundy-Sanders and Paula Waters, Woodinville City Councilmembers

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