Letters to the Editor - June 10, 2019

Have a Happy Fourth!
A phrase that we say to each other before this nation’s birthday holiday as we look forward to outdoor barbeques and time off to enjoy our peace and freedom with family or friends.
Until the neighbor sets off a bomb that shatters the peace, silence and enjoyment of the evening!  Elderly shudder, cats and dogs run and hide in fear, and many of us retreat indoors and turn on the TV to help drown out some of the noise and wonder when we will be able to sleep without those constant explosions.
When did it become a “Fourth of July” tradition to blow off a few hundred dollars’ worth of illegal fireworks that turns our neighborhoods in to war zones?  When did this impingement on the rights of others, man or animal, become acceptable such that neighbors and law enforcement overlook the use of banned fireworks?
My childhood neighborhood was a safe peaceful place where if we had interest in seeing fireworks on this holiday, there were safe city sponsored places to go view, if we chose. 
I moved into a nice Woodinville development 29 years ago, where I thought it would be a great peaceful and safe place to raise a family.  It has been all of that, except for a week in early July when inconsiderate neighbors demonstrate their self-interest in their need to party and blow up things.
Being forced to accept a war zone environment in my neighborhood for several nights around this holiday, has been disappointing.
While I realize it is difficult to expect the King County Police to address this, my last resort seemed to be to “Write the Editor”.  I’ve had my name in the paper before, when bringing Astronauts to my children’s school and I have never shied away from writing a petition or gathering signatures to request installation of sidewalks or a school crossing light. 
Maybe a petition to ban the use of this type of illegal fireworks is something that I could take on again.  Wait, they are already illegal!
David Haugen

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