Letters to the Editor - Sept. 2, 2019

Save Cottage Lake
Toxic algae have polluted Cottage Lake, Woodinville’s only public access lake. In late July, King County closed the lake to swimming for the rest of the summer.
A local organization; The Friends of Cottage Lake, is aiming to clean up the lake so people can once again enjoy what is perhaps the loveliest landmark in Woodinville.  But they need help from all of us to make this happen.
On Sunday, Sept. 15, the group is hosting a benefit concert fundraiser from 2-5 p.m. at the Crooked Arbor, an expansive 8-acre parcel of land with beautiful gardens, statues and artwork.
The Market Minstrels, a local band is providing the music. The Pizza Coop and Domino’s Pizza will be providing free food at the event. Safeway and Haggen will supply beverages.
Friends of Cottage Lake have applied for a grant from the County to eradicate this menacing plant. However, a government grant will only match the funds that a community raises. If the grant is approved, whatever the citizens of Woodinville contribute the County will double. 
If you have ever used Cottage Lake to swim, boat, fish, picnic, attend a concert, enjoy some peaceful time by the water or simply want to preserve the quality of nature in our town, please support this cause by buying tickets to the fundraising event. Go to Brown Paper and search “Friends of Cottage Lake.” If you cannot attend the benefit, but would like to make a donation visit the the Friends of Cottage Lake website and find the PayPal giving fund under memberships and donations. 
It would be a shame to let Cottage Lake be destroyed by toxic algae when we have the means to clean it up. Please do what you can to help save it!
John Shepard

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