Downtown driving challenges

Probably no city in the universe is more dependent upon driver thoughtfulness and courtesy than Woodinville, Washington. That’s because of the heavy volume of daily traffic that’s funneled into the nine blocks of N.E. 175th St., between 131st Ave. NE and 140th Ave. N.E., which has only one lane north and south and a critical left-turn lane in the center.

It’s imperative that drivers attempting to enter N.E. 175th from the many entry points on both sides of this single downtown artery understand how to use the center lane to get into the flow on NE 175th. Those drivers who don’t understand make it virtual gridlock for those backed up at the entry points.

At the same time, it’s imperative that drivers on N.E. 175th be aware of those trying to enter from both sides of the street and give them space to enter, whenever possible, and especially watch for those trying to access the center lane.

These imperatives will only grow in importance when the massive new apartment complex in the old trailer park area is fully occupied. And these considerations also might help bring some relief to the near-gridlock we experience downtown each holiday season. 

Larry Coffman, Tenant

Woodin Professional Bldg.

13901 NE 175th St.

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