Letter: Wearing a mask should be 'my choice'

Dear Editor:

Gov. Jay Inslee’s mandate to wear masks is confusing and not based on science or medical advice. He states masks are recommended to protect “me” from contracting COVID-19. 

Some experts have said masks work. Others say they do not work. Most importantly, a number of medical doctors have expressed that masks are unhealthy and can lead to lowering my immune system caused by breathing my own CO2.

I think the governor's "mandate" is not based on medical science and has gone too far. If I do not believe masks are healthy and I choose not to wear one, that makes my beliefs my own. That should not affect another's decision to wear a mask if it is their belief wearing a mask is healthy and will result in "protection" from COVID-19 infection.

I expressed this to my 45th District Legislator, Larry Springer. He said I should wear the mask “for others” anyway. That’s exactly my point. I do not want to become unhealthy for others. I want to continue to take good care of my immune system by washing my hands, keeping my distance, eating healthy, exercising, breathing fresh air and getting some sunlight. 

That should be my choice, not someone else's.

Judy Gunn


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