Letter: Council member's social media acts are concerning

Dear Editor

I am a citizen of Woodinville and I am deeply concerned with the way council member Al Taylor acts on social media, specifically neighborhood groups involving Woodinville. He uses divisive language that I do not believe is becoming of a public servant. His most recent post asking if the Pride flag offends anyone is just one of the many things I’ve witnessed. His engagement with community members who disagree with him is met with responses that are mocking in tone. He once asked me if I was related to “sleazy Jay Inslee." I understand he’s an elected official, so he was voted in, but I grew up here and I chose to move back here to raise a family, so I feel like I have an obligation to say something. I’ve spoken to people I’ve grown up with and who come from all walks of life and they are appalled by his behavior. I have a child that I want to raise in a community that is loving and accepting community. How am I supposed to explain to my child that a public servant in his community will fight to not welcome him if he turns out to be gay or trans? I was very pleased to see so much community support for the pride flag, but I feel like if a public servant is going to push back that much than it’s all for nothing because he is a leader in the community. It is in my opinion that if you choose to lead in a community you must lead for EVERYONE and that means keeping your personal opinions to yourself when you are interacting with community members. We all have a right to feel safe and heard. I could live in different areas that are cheaper or closer to family and work, but I choose here because I love it and I’m prepared to stand up to make it the best place for everyone. 

Kristin Rossman 


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