Letter: Consider signing petition to repeal sex-ed law

Dear Community,

As some of you are aware, the state legislature has passed a new bill beginning next year for more comprehensive sexual education. While educating students on sex is extremely important, the curriculum minimizes the risks associated with sexual behaviors and disregards students’ ages.

The FLASH program is inadequate. It introduces birth control without thoroughly teaching the failure rates of each type of birth control. This leaves the students vulnerable to unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

Sexual health should be taught thoroughly and at an appropriate age, when students are mature enough emotionally and mentally.

The FLASH program allows teachers to explain to kindergartners what sex is and that an abortion is “legal and safe” (All About Life, Public Health, 138, 143). Are kindergartners ready for such a discussion in school?

In grades four through six, students are asked to use the internet on their own to look for answers to their questions and for sexual terms in the glossary (F.L.A.S.H., Public Health, 12-4). This will lead children to pornography and online predators. There is no education about pornography leading to addiction, disassociation, objectification of women, and violent sexual behavior. The curriculum should not lead children to pornography without warning them of the dangerous side effects.

In middle school, students are directed to go to a store and take a picture of condoms for homework (F.L.A.S.H., Lesson 6). FLASH claims to prepare students to abstain from sex, but is directing pre-adolescent children to get condoms sending that message?

The fact is, our students are not mature enough to be taught this, not because they choose to be, but their brains haven’t had enough time to develop.

If you want to help protect our children, please sign the petition to repeal the new K-12 Sex Ed Law.

Samantha Green


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