Letter: Face masks are meant to protect others

Dear Editor,

In a May 28 letter to the editor Judy Gunn wrote why it should be her choice whether or not to wear a face mask in public during this pandemic. Perhaps she is unaware that a face mask blocks particles and droplets from a person, better than to the person wearing it. We wear face masks in case we are carrying the virus without symptoms, often true, in order to prevent spreading it to others. Unless there is hard evidence (not a “belief”) that wearing a facemask does more harm than good, only someone indifferent to the welfare of others will expose them to what is in one's own breath. Droplets from an infected person can deposit virus particles on door handles, checkout counters, credit card machines and other places someone else will touch. A face covering blocks that. As an alternative, Ms. Gunn could invest in one of the face shields available online, making sure it covers her chin; some are even on cute hats.

K. Terry Thorsos


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