Letter: City council 'can and must do better'

I'm writing to express my support for Nicolas Duchastel as a member of the planning commission and as a leader in our community. 

I first met Nicolas when he was canvassing during the last city council election. He impressed me and my family with his thoughtful responses to policy questions and his calm balanced insight. 

I've interacted with him again recently during the COVID pandemic, where he and his wife have provided masks for my family and for others. We also interacted in the preparation for the successful BLM march in Woodinville on June 7. 

The march was peaceful and inclusive, with wide participation from leaders and speakers across the community, including the mayor of Woodinville. 

Nicolas' skills as an organizer and leader were essential to that event. We should aspire to recruit and retain Nicolas, and people like him in our community's leadership. 

We can, and must do better than the behavior of the council last week during both the council meeting and during the planning commission meeting.

Jim Causey


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