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  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
Are you ready for some football?  
We were able to experience our first University of Washington Huskies football game on November 18 versus the University of Utah.  Wow – what a game!
husky gameThe funny thing is we received our tickets from friends in Montana that are UW alums and still had kept their season tickets over the years.  We definitely wanted to experience a game at Husky stadium so we were happy with the gift.  
My husband and I joined our neighbor’s tailgate about three hours prior to the 7:30 p.m. kick off. I have been to some great tailgates over the years, and the Husky fans are right up there with throwing a great tailgate party.  The “party” parking lot is north of the stadium, and by the time we arrived there were tents and barbecues covering just about every available spot.  We feasted on burgers, salads, shrimp cocktail, chips, and cookies as well as enjoying a few adult beverages so were happy that we carpooled with a designated driver.  It was a great start to the evening, and we met a whole group of new friends during the tailgate from our immediate group and surrounding cars.
We headed to the stadium about 30 minutes before kick off to find our seats and watch some of the pre-game festivities.  The stadium is awesome.  If you haven’t been to a game there, you can get an idea of the inside from the massive structure easily seen from Lake Washington or even I-5 with the two sides resembling claw like hooks that flank over the field.  The capacity is listed as just over 70,000 and at this game there seemed to be very few empty seats.  Our seats were terrific on the 45 yard line in the 10th row behind the Huskies’ bench.
The Huskies have a good football team with a record of 9-2 and are ranked 15th in the country as of press time.  The game we saw was a nail biter (and we’re new fans!).  UW was favored to win but UU gave them a run for their money, and the score went back and forth until the very last seconds.  Not a soul left the stadium as Huskies prevailed with a field goal as time expired.   It was great to witness such a terrific game for our first outing to Husky Stadium.  Unfortunately by the time this hits the stands, the season at the stadium will be over with perhaps a bowl game out of the area for the team.  
One way or another, we will definitely plan on a couple games next fall.

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