Edible Pedal Power

  • Written by Jean Satti, Molbak’s Garden + Home, Woodinville
When it comes to entertaining how can you make your creativity bloom?  Try dressing up your garden and your culinary creations with flowers pretty enough to eat. 
Edible flowers have been accenting dinner plates for centuries, and today they bring a gourmet touch to gatherings and a wave of color to your gardens.  When using edible flowers – remember:
Not all flowers are edible, (some can make you sick).
Use organic flowers from a safe source (your own garden) that insures they have not been sprayed.
Pick blooms in the morning, when they are at their best.
Submerge gently in cool water to clean, then air dry.  Store in a sealed container with a moist paper towel.
We have a bunches of Edible Flower faves, annuals and perennials that you can grow yourself, to make your summer dishes Instagram-worthy.
Bee Balm
A favorite of (you guessed it) bees, the petals of their red florets infuse drinks and fruit salads with minty flavor.
Sunny-colored daisies that taste mildly of saffron.  Accent green salads with a sprinkle of petals or use them to flavor rice and butter.
A baker’s go-to, sugared to decorate cakes, Borage’s blue star-shaped blossoms taste like cucumber.  Freeze flowers in ice cubes or sprinkle on salads (they look amazing with salmon)!  
Float these hand-painted beauties in cocktails or add to salads or a cheese plate for instant color.
Blossoms of the variety ‘Munstead’ taste best ground in sugar for baking, or teamed with lemon on lamb and chicken.
Squash Blossom
A savory hit, stuffed with cheese and fried or baked.  Try them in frittatas and quesadillas or au naturel in summer salads.
Little purple bursts of onion flavor, use them whole in salads or as a little bite, sprinkled on top of a cracker spread with Boursin cheese.
These garden standards grow almost anywhere.  Both leaves and flowers add a peppery note to salads and look great as a garnish.
And remember herbs like Dill, Thyme, Oregano, Mint and Basil.  You can add their blooms to any dish or drink for touches of herbal flavor.
So instead of stopping to smell the Roses, stop and EAT the roses.

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