Ways to Create Joy in Your Own Life

  • Written by Dr. Allison Apfelbaum

When I think of what people may be searching for in their own lives, it seems that the search for happiness is common theme. We live in a culture of “Now” with everything at our fingertips.  It seems hard to believe that people could feel such sadness with having so many wonderful things surrounding themselves.  The truth is that many people are still feeling very alone.  I want to talk about ways to feel more joyful and motivated about your own life. 

The first way to create joy in your life is to follow your own path to happiness.  This means to live your life the way you were truly meant to live it.  Stop wondering when things will change, and take action.  If going to your job everyday isn’t making you happy or you lack passion in your life in some aspect, consider a change.  If there are people surrounding you bringing you down, why do you spend time with them? Don’t be afraid of change.

Another thing to create more joy in your life is to find gratitude.  Finding gratitude in each moment takes practice.  If you find yourself getting frustrated or feeling down, this is a perfect moment to remind yourself what you are grateful for.   Accepting gratitude into your life creates inner peace and clarity of mind.  It will help you shift your perspective about a situation and decrease worried thoughts.

Spending time with loved ones can really uplift a mood.  At times it can feel like a chore to plan a trip or go out to a social event because you feel tired.  The human race was meant to connect with each other, in person and without the computer screen.  Think about the last time you put down your phone and had a conversation with someone about something important.  Connect with others, it will fulfill your heart and soul. 

The last recommendation I have for creating more joy is to practice self-care.  It may sound odd to put yourself first, especially if you are used to caring for everyone else around you.  If you take care of yourself, it will be easier to care for others.  I would recommend doing one thing per week for yourself, even if it is something small like making a special cup of coffee or taking a bath.  If you are thinking it isn’t possible, I encourage you to make time.  Say to yourself, “I am worth it,” “I deserve to be cared for,” and “I matter.” Simple positive daily affirmations like these can help you live a more positive and joyful life.

Dr. Allison Apfelbaum is a primary care Naturopathic doctor at Tree of Health Integrative Medicine clinic in Woodinville, WA.  Visit or call 425-408-0040 to learn more. 

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