Gun Safety

  • Written by PEMCO Insurance

Whether or not you own a gun, a study from the University of Washington will likely get you thinking about gun safety. It found that among the 34% of Washingtonians who have a gun in their households, little more than one-third reported storing them unloaded and locked away.

As we have seen very recently, this can have tragic consequences for kids.

To keep your kids safe, experts recommend a combination of child-proofing your gun and gun-proofing your child.

For guns:
•Store unloaded guns and bullets separately
•Lock up guns in a gun safe
•Use trigger locks
•Consider storing guns elsewhere (like at the shooting range)

For kids who encounter a gun - Tell them that if they see a gun:
•Don’t touch (without parent supervision)
•Get away (assume every gun is loaded)
•Tell an adult

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