No Excuse for Fake News Rhetoric - Guest Column from WNPA

  • Written by Fred Obee - Washington Newspaper Publishers Association
The plight of a grieving orca who continues to carry her dead calf for weeks is reported by The Seattle Times. The Spokane Spokesman-Review lets people know for the first time the Legislature is forming a task force to exempt lawmakers from portions of the Public Records Act.
The Columbia Basin Herald in Moses Lake warns that air quality for the county fair may be unhealthy because of wildfire smoke pollution. The Omak County Chronicle reports that Wally Richards is this year's Omak Stampede grand marshal. The Nisqually Valley News in Yelm tells its readers where ballot drop boxes will be located so they can participate in the primary election. In the Port Townsend Leader, we learn about firefighter Reece Chambers and ways the community can support his family following his heart transplant.
These stories and many more all appeared recently in the pages of newspapers across Washington state as they chronicled the history of the communities they serve. For more than a century, they have informed, celebrated and lamented the good and bad of the schools, governments and people in their coverage area.
And these are the enemy of the people? This is fake news?
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Ways to Create Joy in Your Own Life

  • Written by Dr. Allison Apfelbaum

When I think of what people may be searching for in their own lives, it seems that the search for happiness is common theme. We live in a culture of “Now” with everything at our fingertips.  It seems hard to believe that people could feel such sadness with having so many wonderful things surrounding themselves.  The truth is that many people are still feeling very alone.  I want to talk about ways to feel more joyful and motivated about your own life. 

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Safe Shopping Guide for Back-To-School Supplies

  • Written by Elise Orlick, Director, WashPIRG & WashPIRG Foundation
Many parents and teachers shopping for their students’ 2018-19 school supplies look for a “non-toxic” label on the products, but many products don’t have that label. WashPIRG Foundation has released a guide that advises consumers which products are non-toxic and which to avoid.
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Greenland Journal - Part 3 of 3

  • Written by Christie Fisher

With our fuel cache completed at Beach Head Station, the team was back in Kulusuk and completing final preparations before heading to the ice cap. During our down-time we were fortunate to be included in family excursions; activities we would call “team building” in the corporate world, but in Greenland are just a part of daily life.

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Greenland Journal - Part 2 of 3

  • Written by Christie Fisher
Editor’s Note:  As promised at the conclusion of the July 9th edition story about Christie Fisher heading to Greenland with GEaR.  Here is part 2 of 3 of her amazing adventure.
Establishing a fuel cache for the helicopter is a critical part of my mission here in Greenland. Doing this by boat, rather than by helicopter, means a several-thousand-dollar savings for our team, but also a lot of work: boat rides, camping, and a lot of unknowns. What I do know is that there is little margin for error here; that should something go wrong, we are far from help in an unforgiving place. This is serious business. It’s also mission-critical.
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