Election results; What do they mean? 

  • Written by David B. Clark
That's a Wrap - VOTE 2017
The election season has come to a close with the following results on the races we covered that are within our readership area. 
King County Election Facts
Number of Registered Voters: 1,279,345
Total Ballots Counted: 478,172
Estimated Ballots Left to Count: 63,199
Last Tabulated: 11/10/2017 4:26 p.m. (reporting based on this tabulation)
Voter Turnout: 37.38%
Washington 45th District State Senate
Manka Dhingra 55.19% over Jinyoung Lee Englund 44.81%
Manka Dhingra was leading Jinyoung Lee Englund by sizeable numbers through Thursday, November 9th. On the morning of Friday, November 10th, Englund conceded, calling Dhingra to congratulate her on the victory and share her hope of Dhingra being a key voice for the 45th in its entirety. 
Dhingra’s Senate victory sets into motion many issues that were crucial for her campaign: bills on women’s reproductive health, stricter gun laws like those banning bump-stocks, and numerous environmental policies. Governor Jay Inslee believes that Dhingra’s victory is a catalyst to handling these proposals. Dhingra states, “I will continue to ensure veterans have access to critical health and support services. Safe communities are my expertise: I will continue to protect victims of domestic violence, keep guns away from criminals, abusers, and children, while working to address issues of mental health, addiction, and homelessness.”

Woodinville City Council results and recap 
Woodinville City Council Position 1: Paula Waters (unopposed)
Waters central goal for her position on City Council is to bring to fruition a walkable, environmentally sustainable, and culturally enriching downtown.
Woodinville city council Position 3: James Evans (unopposed)
Evans is concerned with balancing Woodinville’s character with the city’s many opportunities.
Woodinville city council Position 5: Susan Boundy-Sanders 56.69% over Gary Harris 43.31%
Boundy-Sanders is passionate about keeping Woodinville’s charm intact by focusing on congestion and pedestrian projects and making sure that farming in Sammamish Valley is not mistreated by zoning laws. 
Woodinville city council Position 7: Bernie Talmas 61.77% over Brad Walker 38.23%
Talmas will continue to lead Woodinville with a determination to support the city’s booming wine and tourism industries.
All members elected will serve a term of four years.
Other members of the Woodinville City Council include:
Position 2 - Les Rubstello (term expires Dec. 31, 2019)
Position 4 – Elaine Cook (term expires Dec. 31, 2019)
Position 6 – Al Taylor (term expires Dec. 31, 2019)
Woodinville Water District Commissioner Positions
Woodinville Water District Commissioner Position 1: Karen Steeb 52.57% over Greg Fazzio 47.43%
Steeb stresses the fact that the Woodinville Water District and the City of Woodinville are separate entities. “The Water District is over three times larger than the City of Woodinville. It is imperative that the Woodinville Water District continues to be governed as an independent entity and not by a special interest group intent on extending the influence and authority of the City of Woodinville,” says Steeb.
Woodinville Water District Commissioner Position 5: Tim Schriever 64.92% over Nicole Griffths 35.08%
Schriever’s priority as Water Commissioner is to insure the Water District provides the cleanest water possible while promoting an end to the use of chemical additives. Schriever intends to take actions to lower the cost of both sewer services and water while supporting the removal of asbestos materials from the water system. Schriever will also support ending the usage of the chemical additive fluoride.
Both Steeb and Schriever will serve their respective positions for a term of six years.
Other members of the Woodinville Water District include:
Position 2 – Dale Knapinski (term expires Dec. 31, 2019)
Position 3 – Pam Maloney (term expires Dec. 31, 2021)
Position 4 – Ed Cebron (term expires Dec. 31, 2021)
Duvall Mayor and City Council Positions
Duvall Mayor: Amy Ockerlander 69.08% over Jason Walker 30.92%
Ocklernader states in her campaign website that she, “will continue my work every day to maintain our “small-town feel”, keep our community safe, and help Duvall be a city we can all be proud of.” Ocklerlander is very interested in boosting the amount of city information online. Additionally, she is looking to propel projects that will help with parks and trails.
Duvall City Council Position 1: Dianne Brudnicki 54.93% over Richard Wilson 45.07%
Brudnicki is dedicated to a strong community and creating a sustainable, balanced budget.
Duvall City Council Position 2: Matthew Eyer (unopposed)
Eyer plans to work with the Council, the Mayor and City of Duvall employees to ensure responsible management of City policies and efficient use of resources on behalf of the residents of Duvall.  
Duvall City Council Position 3: Amy McHenry 62.15% over Chantel Thurman 37.85%
McHenry wants to focus on the community and to ensure that Duvall’s residents are informed and have a voice in their futures.
Duvall City Council Position 5: Michelle Hogg (unopposed)
Hogg was drawn to Duvall’s small-town feeling and is looking forward to continuing her work with City Council.
Duvall City Council Position 6: Jennifer Knaplund 61.64% over Will Ibershof 38.36%
Knaplund sought election to City Council to ensure residents have a voice in Duvall’s decisions.
All members elected will serve a term of four years.
Other members of the Duvall City Council include:
Position 4 – Becky Nixon (term expires Dec. 2019)
Position 7 – Jason Walker (term expires Dec. 2019)
Other notable races:
Mayor of Seattle
Jenny Durkan 57.48% over Cary Moon 42.52
King County Executive
Dow Constantine 77% over Bill Hirt 23%
King County Sheriff
Mitzi Johanknecht 55.74% over John Urquhart 44.26%
Northshore School District Director #1
Jacqueline McGourty 72.95% over Brian M. Travis 27.05%
Northshore School District Director #2
Bob Swain 62.84% over Sherry Krainick 37.16%
Northshore School District Director #4
Sandy R. Hayes (unopposed)
Northshore School District Director #5
Amy Cast 61.98% over Rob Taft, Jr. 38.02%

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