Recycle Story Clarification

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

The Woodinville Weekly story “Newspaper Recycle” that was in the August 20th edition was correct on all counts in reference to Republic Services although Waste Management wanted to be sure that Woodinville customers knew that they (Waste Management) continue to as always accept clean newspaper in their recycle bins. 

A statement from Karissa Jones - Education & Outreach Coordinator for Waste Management:
“While it is true that some haulers in the area have had to landfill recyclables, Waste Management has been fortunate to find other recycling end markets for materials and continues to recycle all recyclable materials. Woodinville residents with Waste Management service should continue putting newspaper and other recyclables in their WM recycle bin, not the trash! Rest assured all clean newspaper will be recycled into new materials through WM. Keep up the good recycling in Woodinville!”

Human Services Grants

  • Written by City of Woodinville

The City of Woodinville is pleased to offer grant funding to eligible community not for profit organizations that meet critical human needs in the community.

The upcoming City budget process (2019-2020) will allow the City Council to determine its budget priorities. As such, specific funding allotments for human services grants is not yet defined or guaranteed.

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Civic Campus Firm Profile

  • Written by David B. Clark

Over two months ago on June 19, Woodinville City Council voted to approve the Civic Campus Partnership’s (WCCP) plans to completely revamp the Old Schoolhouse and surrounding area to create a vibrant pulse in the center of the city. The partnership itself consists of Mainstreet Property Group LLC and HAL Real Estate.

WCCP has aligned the project in five separate pillars that all coalesce to create a unique area that will act as the central hub of Woodinville. The most important idea that governs this process is that this revitalized area will be a centralized gathering place for the community. While development is central to this reworking, WCCP understands the importance of retaining and restoring the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse. What is now derelict and was recently slipping into the folds of history can be transformed into a mecca that honors its roots while growing into the modern world. The recreation center will also be retained as its importance for active community gatherings is unparalleled. WCCP is focused on the financial feasibility of the project; making it worth the money that will be spent to create such an epicenter while limiting the risk concerned with undertaking such a monumental project.

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Newspaper Recycle

  • Written by David B. Clark
Last summer, China announced they no longer wanted to accept foreign nations’ garbage. More specifically, China wanted to omit most paper and plastic products it was accepting. China is in the middle of a massive antipollution push that is seeking to target some of its largest corporate polluters. China is looking to brighten their skies and clean their air through developing better and more city jobs prompting rural young people out of the factories and into the office buildings. What this means for Woodinville and its surrounding areas is that our newspaper is no longer, technically, recyclable.
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New council member and much, much more

  • Written by David B. Clark
The Woodinville City Council met for their sole meeting this month on August 7. The evening consisted of a completely stacked agenda that was slotted to keep councilmembers and staff over five hours. This was due to an August recess without meetings throughout the rest of the month, selecting a new councilmember, and numerous other Business Items. Mayor Evans began to approve the agenda in order and content but did not get far.
Councilmember Boundy-Sanders said, “I don’t know if I’m completely comfortable with the review of 2018-2019 Council Assignments.” These assignments are filled by councilmembers who then report to different boards across the region to serve as a voice for Woodinvillle. Council was looking to review and amend its 2018-2019 Councilmember Assignments to fill any vacancies due to previous Mayor Bernie Talmas’ resignation. The newly elected councilmember in Position 7 was to have some of these assignments and for others to be distributed throughout the current council. These assignments have a backup appointee through an already designated Alternate who would rise to the primary position given a sudden change, like Talmas’ exit from council. Typically, these assignments last one year.
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