‘Every day is a dinner party’ at new collaborative restaurant-tasting-room space

  • Written by Kirsten Abel

Chef Breanna Beike wants to invite you to dinner. She’ll cook for you and serve you a perfectly paired glass of wine, and she won’t charge you too much either. All this, at her soon-to-open restaurant in Woodinville called Heritage Restaurant |Bar.

“Come as you are. Welcome to my home,” she said. “I’m the budget-friendly neighbor.”

Heritage Restaurant | Bar will open in mid- to late March in a collaborative 6,000 square-foot space (where Mazatlan used to be) that will also include two wine tasting rooms.

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Conversation, care, and coffee: Beca’s Brew in Bothell

  • Written by Kirsten Abel
The day after Beca Nistrian opened her coffee stand Beca’s Brew in Bothell in April 2017, she met Will Tinkham, a local guy with special needs.
“I could tell he didn’t have many friends. That he was disregarded,” Nistrian said. She and Tinkham talked for a couple hours. Then Nistrian told him to return for another chat and a free drink the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that.
What started out as a happenstance meeting has now transformed into a deep friendship.
“I see him every day,” Nistrian said. “I consider him family.”
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A 50-year family taekwondo legacy

  • Written by Kirsten Abel
“This wasn’t the career that I was going to do,” said Don Shin, the owner of Shin’s Taekwondo Academy in Kenmore. The academy has been in operation for over 20 years.
Shin, a taekwondo master, is the son of Steven Shin, a taekwondo grand master who trained for over five decades and taught the sport for over 35 years.
Shin said it took time for him to appreciate what his father did and how his father pushed him to succeed. “Being a child of a certain type of teacher, they always expect more,” he said. 
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Duvall’s new Tibetan Buddhist study group is all about mental health

  • Written by Kirsten Abel
“It’s really about mental health. Tibetan Buddhism is the study of the mind,” said Mark Winwood, the founder of the Chenrezig Project. “It’s not this new age thing. It’s this ancient, ancient wisdom.”
The Chenrezig Project is a Tibetan Buddhist study group now based in Duvall. Its website ( states that its purpose is “infusing Western life with Tibetan Buddhist compassion.”
Members of the group explore the mind, what’s beneficial, what’s wholesome, what’s harmful, Winwood said. Then, they learn to let the harmful states of mind pass. They focus on applying Buddhist practices in daily life—at work, at home, and in relationships.
“We begin to really see that so much of our anxiety and our stress, our inferiority and our superiority, all arises in the mind based on misunderstandings,” Winwood said. “These Tibetan Buddhist teachings are about understanding the misunderstandings.”
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Four Things to Consider When Right-Sizing:

  • Written by By the Blue Team: Ashley Farrington & Michelle Blue, Windermere Woodinville
Is Right-sizing your New Year’s resolution? Perhaps you have recently experienced a significant event and now it feels like a good time to make a housing change that will help you simplify your surroundings and your life.  Right-sizing is a process but it is often triggered by a specific event or series of events and making a carefully planned, intentional change, can help you focus on what matters most!  Here are four things you should consider before making a change.
What is your motivation? Perhaps you need more space for children, extended family, or pets; or a different kind of space for horses, gardening, or your classic car collection; or you have too much space because your children have left the nest, you are divorced, or you want to split your time between two smaller homes traveling or living in a sunny place half of the year; or you just want or need to retire in a different location.
What Information do you Need?  Change can often be overwhelming so it really helps to break a big decision into smaller ones and focus on just obtaining the data you need for the small decisions. How much will you make selling your home? How much do you need to buy your next home? Maybe you can remodel your space instead of having to move – learn your options so you can make informed decisions.
What is stopping you? Change can be stressful or it can be exhilarating – usually it depends on your attitude and the planning that goes into the change.  Worried about the finances – learn the numbers that can help you make the decision and determine timing.  Perhaps you don’t know what to do with all of your things…  there are moving and estate sales professionals who can help you!  Is it the memories and  emotions – photograph the spaces where memories were made, talk to your family, keep items that are special, and be open to making new memories – again there are people who can help you with this.
Who can help you make it happen? There are many resources that can help you whether you need a little bit of help or a lot.  There are high quality Real Estate Brokers, Financial Planners, Organizers, Estates Sales Professionals, Movers, Cleaners and other professionals that are ready to help you.  They can help you determine your wants and needs, provide the data to make good decisions, and help you make the Right next move.
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