Celebrating New Bus Service for Duvall & Monroe

  • Written by Valley View Staff

With plenty of praise and applause to go around, the cities of Duvall and Monroe, King County Metro and several local agencies celebrated the launch of the Duvall-Monroe Shuttle Friday morning, Aug. 17.

The long-awaited service is a one-year pilot project of the Snoqualmie Valley Transportation Coalition, and it has already served more than 35 people, event organizer Brittany Krein of Hopelink announced at the celebration.

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100-year-old elm tree centerpiece of Carnation farmstead

  • Written by Lisa Allen
‘That’s the tree that knows everybody.’ – Rory Norris, 7

CARNATION – At first glance, the elm doesn’t look like a tree at all, but rather like a giant pile of green leaves. But when one steps inside – yes, inside  – by way of a “door” through the branches, the magnificence of the century-old treasure is displayed in all its verdant glory.  Dappled sunlight sifting through the leaves reveals a unique cave-like interior. Overhead, roots appear to be growing above the trunk, supported by masses of convoluted branches.  Contorted limbs and the deep green leaves create the ceiling and sides, which reach almost to the ground.
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Brain games are fun and keep you young!

  • Written by Lisa Yeager, Sno-Valley Senior Center director

I met a guy in the grocery store the other day. He said that since his mom died, all his Dad does is sit in his pajamas and watch TV all day.  He seems to be just waiting to die.  It makes me so sad. He’s tried so hard to get his father out of the house. 

This man is lucky to have a son who cares. He’s forgotten that aging is an opportunity that many don’t get.  Senior Centers are here for all older adults to enjoy this second chapter of life and to help us age well.

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Sandblast 2018

  • Written by Lisa Allen

file 5.jpeg

Sand sculpture artist Kali Bradford puts the finishing touches on this year's SandBlast creation, designed to be a tribute to Lee Grumman, former mayor of Carnation and longtime owner of Miller's. Lee passed away earlier this year after battling cancer. A representation of the colorful storefront of MIller's, formerly Miller's Dry Goods, can be seen here carved into the sand. Lee was very active in the community and touched many lives over the years. A celebration of her life was held at Carnation Tree Farm on July 22. (Photo by Lisa Allen)

Timber! Music Festival has returned to Carnation for its sixth summer

  • Written by Guest Column by Cat DeBaker

Set in Tolt-MacDonald park, the fest spans across 547 acres and the Snoqualmie River. A 50-foot extension bridge originally built by the Army Reserves in 1976 connects the Main Stage to the Campfire Stage across the water, tucked into the evergreen trees. It takes place the second weekend in July each year, right when the Pacific Northwest sun decides to finally share its warmth.
The town has learned to brace itself for the onslaught of hip teenagers in overalls, crawling out of their tents to swarm the local coffee shop and beloved family Mexican restaurant. The seasoned campers slide into worn seats at the local bar and wait until the sun tips past noon to transition to Timber!’s beer garden. Equipped with aluminum Stanley cups (the only merchandise worth having) they mingle with locals who have either volunteered, waltzed through with a nod to security who is also their next-door neighbor, or snuck in through the trails they grew up exploring. While the music is what ultimately brings the crowd together – Courtney Marie Andrews: blues queen and Duvall local headlined this year – there is a distinct ethos about a festival that has been sculpted around a pre-existing community.

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