Letters to the Editor - 11/20/17

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
Congratulations to Savannah McKinnon for recently receiving the President’s Scholarship.  (‘Applause’ in the Woodinville Weekly, Nov. 7, 2017)  Education is a game changer.  Unfortunately, 263 million children and youth in our world have no opportunity to go to school.  Thanks to a bipartisan resolution (H. Res. 466) introduced by Congressman Dave Reichert and cosponsored by six members of our delegation, including Rep. Suzan DelBene, this could change.  This resolution supports funding of the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) in its work to get 25 million more children in school.  The GPE partners with countries to create plans to educate all children.  In the process, countries gradually take over the cost of the program.  So, let’s encourage congress to follow through on this bipartisan work that results in less conflict, better health, lower birthrates, and more opportunity.  A thank you to our representatives is appropriate on this issue, so take the time to drop a line or make a call, letting them know this work matters!
Willie Dickerson
Snohomish, Washington
The City of Woodinville, the Woodinville Rotary and Woodinville’s Arts Alliance have partnered on a project for the community, called “The PEACE POLE PROJECT.” They are calling on all artists in the community to get involved. There are 20 ten foot cement poles in DeYoung Park being offered up for sponsorship, with the intention of creating 20 different pieces of art with the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” as part of the poles. The intention is for each pole to be unique and symbolize the characteristics of Woodinville in some way. If folks in the community would like to either sponsor one of the Peace Poles or paint one of these poles, they can go to the city’s website for more information.
To date, at least five of the poles have been sponsored with the cornerstone pole sponsored by Woodinville Rotary.
This project is also a meaningful contribution to the redevelopment of DeYoung Park, scheduled to begin in the early part of 2018.
Elaine Cook

Letters to the Editor - 11/13/17

  • Written by Readers
I urge readers to oppose the proposed zoning changes in the Woodinville Wine District area.  The proposed changes would have a significant adverse impact on the quality of life in the area.  It would also reward the small number of commercial interests who have been violating existing zoning for years.  The proposal would go far beyond grandfathering in the offenders; it would change the zoning from rural residential to commercial over a 3-mile stretch of Woodinville-Redmond Road. This would change a large rural residential area into a mini Napa Valley.  The traffic on this road is already very bad and would become intolerable with the proposed changes.  Is this what we want?  As a long-time resident, I am very worried about degradation of the quality of life in my town.  There are already plenty of wineries and tasting rooms sited in appropriately zoned locations.  The proposal clearly violates the intent of the GMA (Growth Management Act).  Again, why would we reward  businesses that violate existing zoning regulations.
It’s a disgrace that the County did not enforce zoning in this area, which they have compounded with an outrageous proposal to commercialize our residential area.  It would be a travesty for the residents of Woodinville and the surrounding area for this proposal to be approved.
Readers can contact Kathy Lambert and other members of the King County Council, Executive Dow Constantine, and the Dept. of Permitting and Environmental Review.
Ted Turk, Woodinville

Letters to the Editor - 10/23/17

  • Written by Readers


I was so excited to learn that our neighborhood was one that would get a remodel of our playground that had gotten run down. The structure that was put in is such a disappointment. I understand that elementary school children were part of the team that picked this design and am dismayed that adults did not consider that this structure is not at all useful for toddlers.  I brought my 2 year old grandson to explore the climbing structure, he was unable to climb on any of it. I held on to him as we climbed the rubber mat up to the slide, this was so dangerous, the mat is not wide enough to ensure safety and the climbing "steps" were slippery. How sad that we had to leave and not be able to play at our park. There are plenty of areas that there could have been set aside for toddlers. I do commend the elementary children in giving voice to this park, but there should have been a conversation as to who it would be available for.
Wendy Wands, Woodinville

The two recent play structure renovations of Wilmot Gateway Park and Woodinville Heights park are within the City of Woodinville city limits and have missed addressing a very vital cohort of our community.  Neither play structure have opportunities for our accessible community to enjoy.  I hope the City of Woodinville will correct these mistakes and not deny this sector of our community the same access that they have a right to and fully deserve.
Kwang-Koo Lee, Bothell

Female Writers & Directors

Do you think that the number of female writers and directors has increased or decreased? What do we lose from only hearing from the male perspective? There’s not enough female perspectives in movies and TV. The majority comes the male perspective. This should not be a male dominated profession.

The lack of female writers and directors in the world is upsetting. The reason why this is such a big problem is because “women made up just 7% of all directors in the top 250 films, a 2% decline from 2015, according to S.D. States Center for the study of women in TV and Film. For example, the movie Friday The 13th, or most any horror films, the lead is played by a male actor. There is very rarely any strong female heroes and/or villains. The killer is most likely going to be male if the writer and/or director is a man. Instead of being a true main character they are more like a puppet being controlled by a man.

But we have tools to help us work on this issue. Awareness of the inequality is the first step in fixing the problem. There has been a recent focus and concern that there are too few female authors and directors. But awareness alone won’t solve the inequity. According to an article. Women Working in Film aren’t much better off than in 1998. The FBI is investigating the recent decrease in female directors. Despite recent awareness.

Have you ever heard of the Bechdel test? Next time you watch a movie you should use Bechdel test. Ask yourself the three questions. 1. It has to have at least two [named] women in it?

2. Who talk to each other? 3. About something besides a man?

This is important to all of us because having variety and different perspectives give us better insight into people and society, which could help with improvement of our world.

The main point is to bring awareness in the lack of female writers and directors in movies and TV and to show people that women are capable of this kind of job.
TJ Ariz, Woodinville

Editor’s Note:  We have received an overwhelming number of letters to the editor endorsing candidates for the upcoming election.
We have made an internal company decision not to publish individual candidate or platform endorsements.


We apologize for the error in spelling Woodinville Water District (WWD) candidate Greg Fazzio’s name wrong in our follow up WWD Follow Up story in the October 16 edition.

Letters to the Editor - 10/30/17

  • Written by Readers


How would you feel if you risked your life and came home to hatred and disrespect? Today I am here to talk to everyone about how disrespected the veterans from our military are.
I have grown up in a military family and am hurt whenever I see or hear about someone disrespecting the people who give their lives for people who hate them. My father is a Marine, my uncle was in the Army, my other uncle was in the Air Force, my grandfather was in the Navy, and my other grandfather was in the Coast Guard. My best friend is also in the Army. These people are some of the hardest working, most focused individuals. 

I am sick of logging onto social media sites to see people casually post how horrible veterans are because they had to kill people. Without reading an entire article, people post negative stories about the military without knowing the entire story.  The military doesn’t care about how much everyone hates them, they still risk their lives for you.

But we already have the tools that can help us work on this issue. We have compassion and the ability to care about them as much as they care about us.

When you see a veteran, or active service person, make them feel welcome.  Thank them for their service and treat them with respect. I need you to help out when you see a veteran who needs help.

This is important to all of us because we wouldn’t want to risk our lives for people who don’t care. Thank you.

Derek Webster


According to the Associated Press, September 2017, “100 black bears, cougars, bobcats, deer and elk in southwestern Washington state and northwestern Oregon, with many of the animals hunted with dogs and then left to rot.” People kill animals then let them waste. Hunting matters to me because it’s a bonding experience between friends and family, and when I hunt, I know where the meat I eat comes from. It just tastes better.

Poaching is bad because it takes away wildlife. It not only kills existing animals, but also future generations of animals. Hunters know that you are not supposed to kill a doe (female deer) unless you have a certain tag or you are under a certain age.  We need the does to reproduce and populate the area.

Hunters are supposed to follow regulations.  We are only allowed to use equipment that is allowed in certain areas.  For example, our state does not allow thermal goggles. We can only hunt during daylight or hours listed for that area. There are limits of every animal that we can take.  For example, hunters can only kill one deer during a season. And one bear per season only if you buy the tags before you hunt.

Another issue is killing deer then leaving the carcasses rather than keep-ing them to eat. This is a problem because it is a waste and it’s disrespectful to animals. Call the game department if you find a carcass or you know some-one who poached.

Don’t shoot just to shoot. There are gun ranges for that. Know the rules. This will make the outdoors safer for other hunters and campers.

Dominic Legg

Letters to the Editor - 10/16/17

  • Written by Readers

Important to Vote

Dear voters of the 45th legislative district of Washington State, I hope you are all aware of the importance of the special election in your district on November 7th 2017. You will vote on a really important state senate race. I encourage you all to mail in your ballots! If you are not registered to vote, the last day to register in person is October 30th and you can do so at the county elections office at 919 SW Grady Way in Renton. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a high voter turnout? The history of voter turn in our state shows we can do way better!!
Democracy is really in our hands and local elections have an incredible impact on our lives. Learn about the candidates and get out there!

We’re all counting on you!
With loving pressure,
Jen Weeks, The 42nd district

Remembering Maxine Keesling

Maxine wrote in 1975 “You know, we’re in at the beginning of what is going to be a great thing” after she and Barbara Bonow met with King County. They convinced a King County Council Capital Improvement Committee to allow the community to renovate the County owned gravel pit on the NE side of Hollywood Hill. This has become the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club (Hollywood Hill Equestrian Park). The Park along with the Trail System that runs to Gold Creek Park and the Tolt Trail “created an antidote to boredom, making a place for all ages to go for wholesome activity” added Maxine.

Next time you visit the Saddle Club or walk the trails, please thank Maxine for starting it all!

Tom Short, Hollywood Hill

Every year, there are parents who make the choice to forego or delay vaccinating their children. Although this choice is well-meaning, many do not fully comprehend the significance of their decision. Not only are these parents unnecessarily putting their own children at risk for contracting a potentially deadly vaccine-preventable disease, but they are also actively risking the lives of susceptible populations such as infants, elderly, and cancer patients.

Numerous diseases that were once very serious threats worldwide are now preventable via vaccination. However, without it, the risk of contracting one of these diseases is still very real. Washington state is currently suffering a mumps outbreak with about 891 cases as of September 13, 2017, with King County making up around 35% of them. This is just one avoidable disease that can have severe complications such as brain inflammation and deafness.

These vaccines go through intensive trials to ensure their safety before they are released to the public, however, if parents have any safety concerns, they must make sure to discuss them with a health professional, not the internet.

It is a parent’s duty to help their child be as healthy as possible, and part of that is vaccinating: enabling their immune systems to defend themselves from known, preventable diseases.

Jenna Lounsbery, Woodinville
“For Parents: Vaccines for Your Children.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
“WARNING - Mumps outbreak in Washington State.” Washington State Department of Health,