Cedarcrest Cross Country results Oct. 29

  • Written by Bruce McDowell, Coach

Today [Saturday, October 29] the CXC squad competed at the Northwest District 1 Championships held at South Whidbey H.S.  It is always easy and fun to write meet reports when the races went well and we met our goals.  Writing these reports when we didn’t accomplish everything we had hoped for is not as easy.  First off the weather and course report.  For those not in the area on Saturday, it pretty much rained for most of Saturday morning.  That brought lots of mud and wet ground.  Eventually the sun came out but by then the damage was done.  Even dry, this course isn’t the easiest or fastest course around.  Of course, since districts is the state qualifying meet, the meet is all about placing well.  For both the boys and girls races, it would be top 3 teams and top 21 individuals.

Going into the meet, we knew that the girls race was going to be our most difficult of our two races.  There were six worthy teams and only three spots.  We were going to have to run an almost perfect race and even then it wouldn’t guarantee the result we wanted.  As the race ended, we had placed well overall, but in comparison to the other squads, I  kinda knew that we would probably be falling short of our goal of qualifying the girls squad for state.  The girls ended up fourth overall, a mere 6 points from the third and final state spot.  Talking to a senior about not qualifying for state is definitely one of the worst parts of being a coach.  But we did have some good results from the girls race.  Alicia Krivanek (8th), Elsie Dombek (12th) and Lily Krueger (15th) all qualified for state as individuals. 

For the boys, there were five quality teams but we had a little more leeway as we were probably the second best squad in the meet.  Of course, “probably” better doesn’t mean anything.  The race still has to be run and good performances still have to come out of the runners.  As the race ended, I was fairly certain that we had finished second and that was actually how it all played out.  Finished second, 14 points clear of third and 28 ahead of fourth place.  We had three individuals finish in the top 15.  Ian Fay (4th), Grant Van Valkenburg (5th) and Ben Benson (13th). 

Despite the treacherous footing, we did have some changes to our boys’ 10 list for this course.  Ian is now 4th, Grant is now 5th and Ben is now 10th

Full meet results can be found at the following link.

So now we move onto State, next Saturday in Pasco.  This will be the sixth time in the past seven years that the boys squad will be competing at the meet.  For the girls, running three girls will be the most individuals that we have qualified for state without actually qualifying the team.  More about that next week.

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