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Jan 2006 Feb 2006 Mar 2006
 2nd  6th  6th
 9th  13th  13th
 16th  20th  20th
 23rd  27th  27th


April 2006 May 2006 June 2006
 3rd   1st   5th
 10th   8th   12th
  17th   15th  19th
  24th   22th   26th


July 2006 Aug 2006 Sept 2006
 3rd  7th 4th
 10th  14th  11th
 17th  21st  18th
 24th  28th  25th


Oct 2006 Nov 2006 Dec 2006
 2nd 6th 4th
9th 13th 11th
16th 20th 18th
23rd 27th 25th

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