Applause - April 17, 2017

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

WCC2017Feb-315-5x7(Photography by Carol Hook)Brock’s Academy’s executive director, Dr. Melodee Loshbaugh, announced one of the school’s students, Owen Karnan, was celebrated as February’s Student of the Month by the Woodinville Chamber of Commerce.

“Owen is a lively young man who has a very positive attitude and puts much energy into his education,”said Dr. Loshbaugh. “He’s an awesome student who is dedicated to his own academic success – a success he pursues with a determined personal drive and an infectious joy for learning.”

In his address to Chamber membership, young Karnan said he loves the way in which he’s learning mathematics and writing at the school. He said his tutor, Kevin Dobiles, is not just his instructor but has become his mentor.

Brock’s is grateful for the Chamber member’s sponsor of February Student of the Month, Daniel McCarter of Woodinville Martial Arts.  

Cascade Warbirds awards 2017 scholarships, honors vets – Woodinville resident is recipient

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Young and old shared the stage at the March meeting of Cascade Warbirds at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.  Each year the organization of historic military aviation enthusiasts awards flight training scholarships to young people interested in aviation careers. Alex Jonson of Issaquah, one of the recipients from 2015, gave a brief presentation of his accomplishments and was presented with a check for $1,000 to further his aviation endeavors. This year’s recipients were Ryan Check, Woodinville; Pavel Hoffelner, Seattle; Antonio Martorano, Seattle; Austin Mix, Black Diamond; Blake Nelson, Tacoma; and Jake Peterson, Puyallup.

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Applause - March 20, 2017

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff


Colgate University
Abigail Freid, a graduate of Woodinville High School
Killian Pinkelman, a graduate of Woodinville High School
Cameron Pauly, a graduate of Inglemoor High School


Daniel Knight of Bothell, Washington, was recently initiated into The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, the nation’s oldest and most selective all-discipline collegiate honor society. Knight was initiated at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott.

Local SPU students make autumn quarter dean's list

  • Written by Valley View Staff

The following students made the Seattle Pacific University 2016 autumn quarter dean’s list.

Students on the dean’s list have completed at least 12 credits and attained a 3.50 or higher grade point average. SPU is the only private university in the Pacific Northwest to make the 2017 U.S. News & World Report Best National Universities list.

Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University is a leading Christian university.

Susanna Marie Andrews of Duvall.
Sarah Catherine Ethington of Carnation.
Alexis Orndorf of Duvall.
Callie Ann Turner of Carnation.
Mikayla Christine Turner of Carnation.


University of Washington Dean's List - Autumn 2016

  • Written by Karin Hopper

Students from the Woodinville area have been named to the Dean's List at the University of Washington for Autumn 2016 Quarter. To qualify for the Dean's List, a student must have completed at least 12 graded credits and have a grade point average of at least 3.50 (out of 4).  Students are notified that they have achieved this distinction when they receive their grades for the quarter.

The students are listed alphabetically by home town.


Rahman Ahmed                                      senior

Oliver Ruben Albee                                senior

Antonio Imperio Alejandro                         junior

Benjamin Jacob Alquist                            junior

Parker Buhler Amundsen                            sophomore

Emily Jayne Anderson                              senior

Nicole Cuevas Anderson                            freshman

Seth Michael Anderson                             freshman

Emily Marie Anthony                               senior

Justin Sehon Austad                               senior

Breanna Christine Bahr                            junior

Zackery Eugene Ballinger                          sophomore

Rocio Barajas                                     freshman

Leonid Baraznenok                                 sophomore

Jacob S Barrett                                   sophomore

Enkhamgalan Baterdene                             senior

Anudari Batzorig                                  senior

Margaret Newhart Becker                           senior

Stephanie Benipal                                 senior

Jennifer Michelle Benson                          senior

Alyssa Bertorelli                                 junior

Daniel Yunhan Bi                                  senior

Holly Nicole Biell                                freshman

Gabriel E Bizar                                   junior

Chantal K Booth                                   junior

Jennifer Anne Brent                               junior

Jacob H Bridenbecker                              freshman

Johan Christopher Brusa                           senior

Brittni Pritpal Burgess                           senior

Emily Elizabeth Burns                             senior

Murphy George Bush                                senior

Jeremy Conner Butz                                junior

Javier Jose Carrasquero                           senior

Madison Chan                                      senior

Emily Bonnie Chapple                              sophomore

Isaac Jeffery Chen                                junior

Kailin Cheng                                      junior

Tan Yu Chou                                       junior

Joseph Kevin Christianson                         senior

Caitlin Jeanne Clarke                             freshman

Duke Randall Clinch                               freshman

Brian James Cullinan                              junior

Izabella Caceres Dadula                           junior

Ivanna Renee De Anda                              junior

Michelle Jennifer Deleon                          junior

Rebekah Denning                                   senior

Kalyani Komal Dhanda                              sophomore

Henna Angel Di                                    freshman

Ron Kevin Rosario Dimaano                         senior

Scott Dotson                                      senior

Ipolitas Clinton Dunaravich                       senior

Matthew Dean Dunaway                              senior

Kimberley Mariko Dunlap                           senior

Anhton Duc Duong                                  junior

Parker Dean Duvall                                senior

Archana Einstein                                  senior

Alnur Elfatih Elberier                            sophomore

Logan Scott Engelhardt                            junior

Garrett Andrew Esko                               sophomore

Alice Elizabeth Evered                            senior

Sarah Jane Evered                                 sophomore

Zachary Alan Feingold                             senior

Jacob Paul Fillman                                junior

Rachel Christine Fillman                          senior

Derek William Flett                               junior

Kayleigh Alana Flynn                              sophomore

Caleb Daniel Freed                                freshman

Mackenzie Lee Freed                               senior

Andrea Nichole Freedman                           junior

Michael Yuravich Gabriyelyan                      senior

Asiana B Galarpe                                  senior

Jan Henry Devera Garcia                           senior

Lorinda D Gates                                   junior

Natalia Gilbertson                                junior

Allan Thomas Gilmore                              senior

Ryan Michael Gilmore                              senior

Aidan Jeffrey Gold                                senior

Danielle Estelle Goldenberg                       senior

Aubrey Danne Gower                                senior

Austin Laurence Graham                            junior

Taylor E Green                                    senior

Grant Kenneth Guiles                              junior

Yasmin Guzman                                     freshman

Sean Lin Halbert                                  senior

Jessica Katherine Hale                            senior

Baylee Donna Hall                                 senior

Kevin Edward Hansen                               junior

Ricky Yunkai He                                   junior

Kari Anne Elizabeth Hella                         senior

Melissa Isabella Herana                           sophomore

Lauren Kieu-Trang Hoang                           sophomore

Cinyu Hsieh                                       senior

Aaron Chien-Fu Huang                              junior

Cory T Huynh                                      senior

Kenny Kiet Huynh                                  senior

Kelly Michelle Ibanez                             junior

Janine Motoko Ikeda                               senior

Randall Kiyoshi Iwafuchi                          junior

Aditya Jain                                       sophomore

Sarah Jarakji                                     senior

Kevin Joonho Jeong                                sophomore

Delaney Suzanne Mitchum Jeude                     sophomore

Alyssa Rose Johnsen-Krogh                         sophomore

Anna Marie Johnson                                junior

Blase Joseph Johnson                              junior

Dane Alexander Johnson                            sophomore

Kye Ariel Takahashi Johnson                       junior

Sam Thomas Johnson                                junior

Tyler Nathan Jones                                junior

Kennedy Taylor Jorgensen                          junior

Ilsa Daniela Victori Juhlin                       senior

Ceili Monique Kacmarcik                           sophomore

Nevin Chin Kalaf                                  senior

Jeffrey Allen Jr Keller                           junior

Dakotah Kessel                                    freshman

Jessica H Khaskheli                               freshman

Eric Eugin Kim                                    freshman

Hannah H Kim                                      sophomore

Joscelyn Hyun-Jeong Kim                           senior

Sejin Kim                                         sophomore

Ryan King                                         sophomore

Yulia Natalia Kit                                 junior

Makenzie May Knowles                              freshman

Esther Koh                                        senior

Barbara Konrad                                    junior

Julianne Straga Korn                              senior

Simran Kota                                       sophomore

Nikita Kovalovs                                   sophomore

Jacob Richard Kowalsky                            senior

Anchala Krishnan                                  sophomore

Rebecca Zhi Rose Kuhn                             junior

Tristan Singh Kular                               junior

Tanya Kumar                                       senior

Austin Samuel Landas                              freshman

Bryce James Larson                                sophomore

Anders Ellis Norman Ledell                        sophomore

Brian K Lee                                       sophomore

Deborah Lee                                       senior

Eugene Lee                                        senior

Jennifer Nianing Lee                              senior

Patricia Lee                                      freshman

Seung Hyuk Lee                                    senior

Tiger Curtis Lee                                  junior

Xiuyuan Li                                        junior

Zhihao Li                                         sophomore

Peter Liao                                        senior

Yunfeng Liau                                      junior

Christopher Liem                                  sophomore

Alexander James Li-Green                          senior

Katelyn Rose Lind                                 junior

Mikaela Marin Lobe                                sophomore

Caleb Paul Lohrmann                               sophomore

Matthew Vienneau Lopez                            sophomore

Betty Bowie Lu                                    senior

Victor Viet Mach                                  senior

Ashley Mary MacKinen                              junior

Ravishankar Madhu                                 junior

Pearle M Maki                                     junior

Magdalen Gloria Manus                             junior

Brandon Anthony Mar                               senior

Wade Ryan Marquette                               junior

Matthew James Marriott                            senior

Jacquelyn Tenielle Mart                           senior

Lauren Keiko Mayeda                               senior

Trevor Kincaid McAllister-Day                     senior

Emilie Jean McCormick                             junior

Rebecca Louise McDowell                           senior

Jake Michael McKennon                             senior

Delaney Christine McKnight                        junior

Rahil Hiten Mehta                                 junior

Emelyn Yvonne Melton                              freshman

Alia Lai Memon                                    sophomore

Tara Novka Mihailovic                             freshman

Andrew John Miller                                senior

Hallie Pepper Miller                              senior

Andrew Joseph Milligan                            sophomore

Areeba Misbah                                     sophomore

Aniyah Mohammed                                   sophomore

Alexis Michelle Montgomery                        junior

Katherine Mckain Moyer                            junior

Stefan Emanuel Music                              junior

Randa Karim Mustafa                               senior

Anton Leo Nachmanson                              junior

Vida Nahcheri                                     junior

Usman Shahid Naushab                              sophomore

Michael Aaron Nevala                              senior

Tremaine Nikolas Ng                               senior

Jessica Kimberly Nguyen                           senior

Juliano Nguyen                                    junior

Minh-Anh Vu Nguyen                                senior

Misa Khue Tu Nguyen                               sophomore

Jeffery Yaojie Ni                                 senior

Kevin Duy Ninh                                    junior

Tammy Ninh                                        freshman

Jaclyn Maureen Nowak                              senior

Samuel Sung Hun Oh                                freshman

Artur Olegovich Otto                              freshman

Praneeth Madhav Palla                             freshman

Qijun Pang                                        junior

Zachary Christian Pankratz                        senior

Shruti Sanjay Parikh                              senior

Alicia Hyunhye Park                               sophomore

Ryan David Peffer                                 senior

Sy Elizabeth Daily Pendergast                     senior

Aeron Benjamin Perlman                            senior

Alexander L Peterson                              freshman

Kaily Amber Pfohl                                 junior

Anh-Nhi Brittany Pham                             senior

Nathan Quang-Tinh Pham                            sophomore

Jonathan David Phippen                            senior

Evan Mcconnell Pierce                             sophomore

Matthew David Pittsford                           junior

Scott Thomas Platz                                junior

Calli Christine Plenert                           junior

Jonathan J Potter                                 sophomore

Milana Prokopenko                                 senior

Griffin Morrison Rash                             senior

Payton Anderson Ratzliff                          junior

Ryan Lee Reamy                                    junior

Addison Lee Redfield                              junior

Dominic Benjamin Retana                           senior

Isabella Marie Riddle                             junior

Brandon Joseph Ridge                              senior

Michael Grant Ritchie                             senior

Juana Maria Rivera Ordonez                        senior

Andrew Robles                                     freshman

Jeremy Frederick Ruef                             senior

Kaitlyn M Rufer                                   freshman

Alexa Nicole Russo                                senior

Artem Armoevich Saakyan                           senior

Zachary Ebraham Sahnoun                           senior

Celena Hiraoka Sakuma                             senior

Shane Marshall Sales                              senior

Niki Samandari                                    junior

Kyle Sandoval                                     freshman

Katherine Jordan Sanfelippo                       junior

Tanmay Rajendra Sapre                             sophomore

Aditya Saraf                                      junior

Rawan Sarhan                                      senior

Michelle Schlaman                                 sophomore

Katherine Elizabeth Seidel                        sophomore

Anand Selvan Sekar                                freshman

Vinayak Shyam Sharma                              senior

Kahlia A Shearer                                  freshman

Jianing Shen                                      sophomore

Zeyu Shen                                         junior

Elon Chi-Yan Shiu                                 junior

Ali Shubber                                       sophomore

Sarah Adel Shubber                                junior

Justin Michael Sievers                            junior

Ethan Louis Silvas                                freshman

Yijun Sim                                         junior

Patrick M Sin                                     senior

Abbigale Penny Slavens                            senior

Thea Cathlin Snow                                 senior

Christopher William Sohlberg                      senior

Jisoo Hur Son                                     senior

Phoebe Spencer                                    junior

Conner Steven Starkel                             sophomore

Amanda Reh Staten                                 senior

Heidi Marie Stedman                               junior

Danielle Marie Stevens                            freshman

Owen Mcleod Stevens                               sophomore

Jacob Aaron Straus                                senior

Austin James Stromme                              senior

Lyubomir V Sukhoparov                             junior

Phoebe Lorraine Sullivan Proebsting               sophomore

Katherine Elizabeth Swartz                        junior

Jonathan Yong-Xiang Tan                           freshman

Michelle Tan                                      freshman

Jeffery Cairo Putra Jr Taylor                     junior

Kaeley Michelle Taylor                            senior

Connor Benson Teal                                junior

Madison Taylor Thielen                            sophomore

Kevin Nicholas Thomas                             junior

Lauren Kellie Thomas                              senior

Jennifer L Tracy                                  senior

Jonathan Anh Tran                                 sophomore

Helen Rose Triplett                               senior

Abhi Ashishkumar Trivedi                          senior

Ryan Daniel Tront                                 senior

Maggie Bui-Yee Tsang                              junior

Hanna Tyndall                                     junior

Megh Hemant Vakharia                              senior

Katrina Lin Vannoy                                senior

Estefany Romero Vargas                            freshman

Madeline Renee Vaught                             sophomore

David Phung Vo                                    junior

Hannah Christine Volsky                           sophomore

Christopher Th Vong                               senior

Brooklyn Mychal Walker                            senior

Derek Juimin Wang                                 senior

Derek Marcus Wenger                               senior

Thomas Edward West                                senior

Angelia S Willburn                                senior

Mayaka Aoki Wimberley                             sophomore

Cheuk-Hei Michael Wong                            sophomore

Nicholas Jeeho Wong                               freshman

Jacky Wu                                          junior

Stanley Jong-Yih Wu                               junior

Kellee Ying Xing                                  sophomore

Elaine Xiong                                      sophomore

Danping Xue                                       sophomore

Sean Michael Yeager                               senior

Chloe Wei-Yi Yeo                                  junior

Ethan K Yeo                                       junior

Soo Min Yi                                        junior

Marisa Alysia Yonemitsu                           senior

Haejee Esther Yoon                                freshman

Jiwon Joseph Yoon                                 senior

Sarah Heeyong Yoon                                freshman

Yu-Won Youn                                       freshman

Lingling Yuan                                     senior


Christian M Aksama                                sophomore

Katelyn Louise Bodnar                             sophomore

Kelsey Rae Carroll                                sophomore

Piper Sean Cramer                                 sophomore

Taylor James Cramer                               senior

James Alexandre Fedorovski                        junior

Caitlin Lindsey Gard                              junior

Austin J Green                                    freshman

Mitchell Willis Kinney                            junior

Cassidy Mae Krawiec                               senior

Samantha Lynn Lehto                               sophomore

Steven Lee Leonti                                 senior

Aliena Esther Lowell                              junior

Katherine Blythe Mathis                           junior

Spencer Robert Mock                               senior

Yana Erika Pavlovskiy                             junior

Brennen Scott Plikat                              junior

Tyler A Quayle                                    senior

Sophia Marie Romanelli                            freshman

Alena Anne Scott                                  senior

Levi B Stoddard                                   junior

Abby Grace Tumbleson                              freshman

Holly Marie Uttecht                               senior

Kassandra Liliana Vazquez                         senior

Morgan Alexander Walker                           junior

Madeline Hailey Wheir                             sophomore


Mary Arezu Abdollmohammadi                        junior

Benjamin Addison Adams                            senior

Michael David Aldridge                            senior

Christian Peter Brian Amer                        sophomore

Noah Trolander An                                 senior

Paul Eibye Andersen                               junior

Dillon Taylor Baker                               senior

Gabriela Kamila Bakun                             junior

Jeffrey J Baldwin                                 sophomore

Frigyes Barkovics                                 junior

Anthea Helen Bartlett                             freshman

Michael Bate                                      junior

Julianna Reeve Bauman                             senior

Aidan Lael Beaton                                 senior

Madeline Monique Bennett                          sophomore

Eliott Ryan Berge                                 junior

Evan Matthew Berge                                senior

Camille Isabella Birch                            senior

James Matthew Bishop                              senior

Marianne Brandt Bjorner                           junior

Brieann Michelle Boroughs                         senior

Kathryn Grace Bossio                              junior

Christopher James Bowzer                          senior

Hayley Michelle Boyd                              sophomore

Camden David Brewster                             freshman

Madison Morgan Brown                              senior

Nicholas Alan Brunelle                            junior

Ryan James Caffey                                 junior

Aaron Kenneth Cardwell                            junior

Jarod W Carroll                                   junior

Max Steven Cherrier                               senior

Andrew Luke Chronister                            senior

Michael Alexander Creel                           freshman

Alec Christopher Dietz                            freshman

Phillip Francis Dougherty                         sophomore

Hanna Lin Dudsic                                  sophomore

Colin Christian Eckhoff                           junior

Julia Saran Edwards                               senior

Alec Conner Ege                                   senior

Alexandra Lightfoot Eppenauer                     sophomore

Melissa Martha Estabrook                          senior

Joy Marjorie Fay                                  senior

Veaunna L Felton                                  junior

James Yuishung Fu                                 junior

John Walter Gardner                               junior

Robert James III Gleason                          senior

Mike Gorman                                       senior

Claire Allison Grant                              junior

Celina Ebba Gunnarsson                            senior

Linh Joan My Ha                                   freshman

Kelsie Clarice Haakenson                          senior

Victoria Alexandra Hagedorn                       freshman

Karissa So Hee Hall                               senior

Jeana Lynn Hansen                                 sophomore

Scout Danger Heck                                 senior

Mitchell Ryan Henderson                           senior

Lauren Elizabeth Herrick                          freshman

Clark David Hess                                  senior

Anndee A Hilton                                   senior

Taylor Marie Hollingsworth                        senior

Eric Jeongki Hong                                 senior

Jacob Robert Hoogerwerf                           junior

Sarah Jane Houck                                  junior

Jodie Houng                                       freshman

Connor Jacob Hughes                               junior

Aoi A Hunsaker                                    sophomore

Blake Thomas Ihrig                                freshman

Samuel Brian Ionesi                               sophomore

Natalie A Jackson                                 senior

Joey Steven James                                 senior

Austin Robert Johnson                             senior

Daniel John Johnson                               senior

Tyler Lee Johnson                                 junior

Cassandra G Justesen                              junior

Nathan Robert Kaneko                              junior

Olivia Leigh Kaplan                               freshman

Catherine Elizabeth Kavanagh                      senior

Youn Sue Keum                                     junior

Madison Lisette Kieneker                          senior

Joon Yup Kim                                      senior

Kyungbin Kim                                      sophomore

Lia Koklic                                        sophomore

Jessica Lynn Kragt                                senior

Samuel Mccormick Krogh                            freshman

Jeremy A Lawson                                   senior

Mccall Andrea Levy                                sophomore

Jiawei Li                                         junior

Grant Joseph Liebel                               junior

Ashlee Marie Lipp                                 senior

Kenney Hong Jr Louie                              sophomore

Sabrina Lu                                        junior

Holly Shane McConnell                             sophomore

Jonathan D McCuistion                             sophomore

Kyle David McCulloch                              sophomore

Taylor Merry                                      sophomore

John Thomas Miller                                senior

Sophie Estella Miller                             sophomore

Kendahl Mikayla Mills                             junior

Pooja Minhas                                      sophomore

Emily Frances Minnich                             freshman

Yoshimi Mishina                                   junior

Lilly A Morgan                                    sophomore

Amani Morgan Moyer-Ali                            junior

Justin Michael Mucklestone                        junior

Trenton Richard Mueller                           senior

Trey Gene Munsell                                 sophomore

Matthew Tyler Munson                              freshman

Brooke G Musburger                                sophomore

Daniel Baldner Neifert                            freshman

Alison Kari Ng                                    junior

Nguyen-Khanh Le Nguyen                            senior

Phi T Nguyen                                      sophomore

Samuel Andrew Nicolas                             sophomore

Olivia Alexandra Nivison                          senior

Emily Anne Parks                                  senior

Faruq Sultan Aly Ramzanalli                       senior

Rajneil Singh Rana                                junior

Julia Elizabeth Robbins                           senior

Sarah Elizabeth San Martino                       junior

Joseph Gabriel Santino                            senior

Kyle Tsuji Scattergood                            sophomore

Bailey Catherine Schaaf                           senior

Daniel Robert Scheid                              junior

Benjamin Paul Schetterer                          senior

Julia Kathryn Bayley Schoen                       sophomore

Stephan M Scimemi                                 freshman

Anthony Serra                                     junior

Andrew Setzer                                     junior

Hamid Sheikh                                      junior

Danila S Sokratov                                 sophomore

Isabella Grace Sportelli                          senior

Lauryn Kay Stafford                               sophomore

Mitchell David Stafford                           junior

Lawrence Alexander Taicz                          junior

Kiana Takaki                                      junior

Evan Elijah Takayoshi                             junior

Zachary Jun Tan                                   junior

Erika Lanae Teasley                               senior

Jordan K Todhunter                                freshman

Bree Jennifer Torrens                             junior

Ethan Li-Shuan Tsai                               junior

Ryan Shailer Turner                               junior

Emma Catherine Vercelli                           sophomore

Hannah Lynne Visse                                sophomore

Marlena C Vonwald                                 junior

Matthew Joseph Wallig                             senior

Lee-Way Wang                                      freshman

Joshua Gibson Whalen                              sophomore

Marissa Renee Wollebek                            senior

Dustin Everett Woodside                           senior

Joseph Ross Worley                                sophomore

Sean J Wu                                         sophomore