Abandoned bunnies are an annual Easter epidemic

  • Written by Emily Hamann

The Easter Bunny is an unseen figure who hides eggs in the early morning — while little children are still sound asleep. Probably, it should stay that way.

Around Easter time kids start seeing bunnies everywhere, from Cadbury commercials to the person they take a photo with at the mall. Many ask, even beg, their parents for a bunny of their own.

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Local bike shop keeps community’s wheels turning

  • Written by Emily Hamann

For decades, there’s been a bicycle shop on 175th Street in Woodinville. It’s hopped across the street, changed storefronts a few times, but Woodinville Bicycle is a city institution. And it’s a rare breed.

It’s one of the few shops that only deals in bicycles and bicycle equipment. That’s apparent as soon as you walk in. Bicycles stand in rows covering the floor space and the walls, even hanging from the ceiling.

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Local fitness studio offers workouts just for elementary-age girls

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

girls 2682Takiyah Brown (center) shows students at 5 G.E.M.S. how to use agility ladders. (Photo by Briana Gerdeman) 

When Takiyah Brown joined a gym and brought her daughters, age 8 and 10, to the gym’s kids club, she was frustrated that they spent the time coloring pictures rather than exercising.

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Woodinville Women of History: Ellen Priest DeYoung

  • Written by Woodinville Heritage Society

Ellen DeYoung may have felt like a pioneer in 1925 when she arrived in Woodinville from Kent. Her husband John had just purchased the contents of Clara Teegarden’s store for his future Woodinville Mercantile because he wanted his own business.  

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