Local 12-year-old ballerina sets her sights on NYC

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Woodinville Elementary student raising money to attend the renowned School of American Ballet Summer Course  
After watching the auditions of over 2,000 promising students recently, the School of American Ballet (SBA) in New York City announced the select list of those who have been invited to attend their prestigious and intensive Summer Course starting in June of this year. 

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Historic 1960s rock festival to return to Sultan after almost 50 years

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

Before Woodstock, there was the lesser-known (but no less rock ‘n’ roll) Sky River Rock Festival and Lighter than Air Fair.

The year was 1968. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated a few months earlier. The Vietnam War was in full swing. Things were volatile and tense, and the stage was quite literally set for a different kind of music-inspired movement.

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Woodinville had a locomotive turntable

  • Written by Jim and gloria kraft Woodinville Heritage Society

In February 1887, construction of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern railroad began in Seattle and reached Woodinville late that year. 

The track then split at Woodinville, with one branch turning north to Snohomish, then on to the border town of Sumas and connecting to the Canadian railroad system for transporting shipments to the East Coast. The other branch continued south to Redmond to the coal mines in Squak (later renamed Issaquah).  

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Woodinville purebred takes best of breed at Beverly Hills Dog Show

  • Written by Kirsten Abel, Features Writer

Jaws, officially named “Ironclad Lockjaw,” is a 140-pound Italian Mastiff, also known as a Cane Corso. Despite his name and imposing size, Jaws is actually a very cuddly and affectionate pet.

According to his owners, Woodinville residents Jennifer and AJ Davis, Cane Corsos are often aloof toward strangers. Not Jaws. “He didn’t get that memo,” Jennifer Davis said.

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Remembering Grace

  • Written by George Phillips

Listen closely as the beautiful peals from the Maltby First Congregational Church tower bell reminds us of an earlier time when the bell was housed in the Grace Schoolhouse. In its day, Grace was a burgeoning lumber mill community lying basically between the Snohomish County line and the intersection of today's Highways 9 and 522.  

The story began in October 1883 when Thomas Sanders wandered up Bear Creek (now Little Bear Creek) and beheld a plot of land with “fine timber stands.”  He claimed this 120-acre homestead site north of where Grace would arise.  He made frequent trips through the forest to Woodin’s store for provisions and apparently for other reasons since he ended up marrying Mary Woodin – daughter of proprietors Ira and Susan Woodin – for whom Woodinville would be named.

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