Woodinville Water District Candidates

  • Written by David B. Clark

The Woodinville Water District has two commissioner positions that will be on the ballot this November. With the positions holding the responsibility of a six-year term, we at The Woodinville Weekly reached out to the four candidates with a few questions to help educate and excite the people of Woodinville concerning their city’s future. We at The Woodinville Weekly wholeheartedly hope that by learning each candidate’s priorities, goals, experience, and endorsements you will be able to cast your votes with confidence. There are two positions with two candidates running for each position.

Karen SteebKaren Steeb  Greg FazzioGreg Fazzio

Commissioner Position 1 
Karen Steeb vs. Greg Fazzio

Karen Steeb is very proud to have served the citizens of the Woodinville Water District (WWD) for her two terms. Seeking re-election, Steeb has shown her leadership by helping the Water District’s AAA financial bond rating (an exceptional degree of creditworthiness meaning financial requirements are easily met), 13 straight years of clean Washington State audits, and adequate reserve funds. Steeb, whose home is connected to the Woodinville Water system, can genuinely say that she is putting her mind where her mouth is, so to speak. Steeb says, “My family and I drink the product I am elected to manage for you and your family.” This personal account helps Steeb exemplify the actuality of her professional actions by dovetailing her very real and domestic experiences.

Steeb stresses the fact that the WWD and the City of Woodinville are separate entities. “The Water District is over three times larger than the City of Woodinville. It is imperative that the WWD  contin-ues to be governed as an indepen-dent entity and not by a special interest group intent on extending the influence and authority of the City of Woodinville,” says Steeb.

Steeb’s Bachelor of Landscape Architecture has acted as the educational underpinning of her career as a landscape designer that has spanned over 30 years. Additionally, Steeb was the founding president of the City of Woodinville Tree Board, a volunteer advisory board responsible for developing and overseeing the City’s Urban Forestry Program. Steeb has been an officer of the WWD Board of Commissioners for eight years, serves on the district’s Wellness Committee, and is a representative to the Snohomish River Regional Water Authority, an alternative water source.

Steeb is proud to be endorsed by City of Woodinville Councilmem-bers Elaine Cook and Les Rubstello, City of Woodinville Parks and Recreation Commissioner Roy Ghazimorad, and Woodinville Fire & Rescue Commissioner Jim Dorney, among others.

For more information on Karen Steeb, visit her website:

Greg Fazzio intends on leading through  trust,  transparency, and fiscal accountability if elected.     Fazzio says his primary goals are, “… to deliver the best quality water and service at the most reasonable rates, while keeping the district’s ratepayers fully informed.” Fazzio assures that he will bring back transparency by pushing for all meetings to be videotaped and then promptly posted to the direct  website. In an act to drive fiscal responsibility, Fazzio says that he would opt out of the district’s medical benefits as they advantage only a select few.
Now retired from a career in commercial and multi-family real estate, Fazzio is a community volunteer with executive   experience   in   public utilities and construction. Fazzio also is a graduate of St. Mary’s College of Moraga, Calif. where he received a Diversified Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis in science. His experience in public office spans from 2009 when he was first elected as a chairperson for the Parks and Recreation Commission for the City of Woodinville. Additionally, Fazzio serves on the Woodinville Strategic Visioning Committee and on the Planning Commission for the City of Woodinville.

Greg Fazzio is proud to be endorsed by Mayor of Woodinville Bernie Talmas, Deputy Mayor of Woodinville James Evans, Woodinville Councilmembers Paula Waters and Susan Boundy-Sanders, and Dale Knapinski, Commissioner WWD, among others.

For more information on Greg Fazzio, visit his website: www.gregfazziofor

NicoleG-172retb4x6HighResNicole Griffiths  Tim-2 2Tim Schriever

Commissioner Position 5
Nicole Griffiths vs. Tim Schriever

Nicole Griffiths looks to provide a fresh prospective to the Woodinville Water District utilizing her experience as a long-time resident and property owner in Woodinville. Among all else, Griffiths penultimate goal is to preserve and protect Woodinville’s environment and resources. Griffiths says, “I believe in open communication and full transparency within the district to ensure we are administering rate payers with full accountability.”

A realtor at Marketplace Sotheby’s International Realty in Woodinville, Griffiths believes that although she does not have experience in public office she could be very valuable in Woodinville’s future as it is a consistently developing city. Griffiths’ priorities while in office if elected will be providing the district with reliable, clean water and dependable sewer service; the highest quality service at the best rates.

For more information on Nicole Griffiths, visit her website:

Tim Schriever’s priority as Water Commissioner if elected is to insure district provides the cleanest water possible while promoting an end to the use of chemical additives, such as Fluoride in the water system. Schriever believes, “The water district must provide the most reliable water and sewage system possible to homes and businesses at the lowest reasonable cost,” while educating the public on water conservation and ways to remove  additives  and chemical  byproducts at home. Schriever intends to take actions to lower the cost of both sewer services and water while supporting the removal of asbestos materials from the water system.

Schriever has nearly four decades:    37 years, of experience working in the Woodinville community working as an independent licensed Professional Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor. He has helped design water systems and sewage disposal systems in a manner that protects public safety. Schriver states, “As your Commissioner, I will strive to provide enlightened decisions to make the Water District more efficient and promote reduction or removal of unnecessary chemical additives and their hazardous byproducts from arriving at your home in the water supply.” And while not a major issue now, he would also work to prepare the Water District for an emergency. Schriever also has experience in public office when he served as a member of the citizen advisory committee for the Bear Creek Drainage Basin Study enacted by King County.

For more information on Tim Schriever, visit his LinkedIn profile:
We at The Woodinville Weekly urge you to vote in the upcoming election.

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