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  • Written by submitted By Gene Laughlin, President - CDCCC

The morning of September 30, over 85 people participated in a region-wide earthquake response drill. The jurisdictions of Carnation, Duvall, North Bend and Snoqualmie were all involved.

Preliminary earthquake damage assessment was led by Ben Thompson, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordinator. CERT members and Snoqualmie Valley Amateur Radio Club (SnoVARC) HAMs walked the Duvall business district and adjacent neighbor-hoods. The volunteers reported on simulated damage to commercial and private structures.

Amy Cole, RN, the manager of EvergreenHealth Primary Care in Duvall, and Barbara Jensen, RN, EvergreenHealth’s Emergency Manager, received seriously injured patients identified by a volunteer Triage Team led by Nancy Hovan Carpenter, and composed of members of Carnation-Duvall Medical Reserve Corps (CDMRC) and SnoVARC. Jensen said, “EvergreenHealth is very pleased to play in this drill. Practice makes perfect, and this drill is a big step in that direction.” 

Of the injured presenting themselves at the triage station just outside EvergreenHealth Primary Care, one was taken by ambulance to the Big Rock Ballfields where a King County Sheriff’s Office helicopter was waiting. In a real emergency, a special medical evacuation helicopter might have flown in.

CERTs had set up a dormitory shelter in the Riverview Educational Services Center. CDMRC members including Coordinator Teri Breitenbach and trainer Byron Byrne, deployed a Field Treatment Center in that shelter to take care of special medical needs. The Field Treatment Center included field hospital beds purchased with grants from the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe and Riverview School District. To reduce pain and increase comfort those beds allow staff to raise a patient’s head or feet, or both.

One of the drill organizers, Boyd Benson, Duvall Director of Public Works, explained that the high priority objective of communications was successfully met. Checking in by 800MHz radio were agencies as remote as Seattle Public Utilities that monitors the integrity of the Tolt Dam, and the Washington State Military Department’s Emergency Management Division located in Lakewood, south of Tacoma, where they were standing by to relay requests for food, water, electrical generators and anything else the community had to have to save lives and treat injuries.

For more information about the Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps and how you can help the response to the next emergency, visit Click on “Get involved.”

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