• Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

In the September 25th edition   article   titled  "Chief of Police  gives   glowing report of peace in community" the informa-tion regarding mental health calls was incorrect.

Please note that the following statistics are the correct ones directly from a statement from Chief of Police Kathleen Larson:

"We had a total of 92 mental health calls in Woodinville last year. We have already responded to 75 at the end of June this year. Of those 75 we involuntarily committed 25, who were sent to the hospital for evaluation/treatment.

"In King County last year excluding the 92 in Woodinville, the Sheriff’s Office responded to 4,125 calls for service (Mental Health) as of the end of June 2017 they have already responded to 2,538. We are all experiencing increased calls for service related to mental health."

Chief Larson reiterated the importance of the upcoming Woodinville Police Winter Workshops and that everyone is invited to attend these informative and useful courses.  Note: The Woodinville Weekly will print the workshop schedules when they are available.

In the October 2 edition Woodinville Water District article, we sent a list of questions to each candidate and created a story based on their answers.  A couple of the candidates have contacted us regarding that story.  We are researching the items the candidates have brought to our attention and we are planning to publish a follow up story in an upcoming edition.

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