Revised Woodin Creek Village will start construction in July

  • Written by Briana Gerdeman

Construction on Woodin Creek Village, the mixed-use development that will take the place of Canterbury Square Mobile Home Park, will begin this July, developer Doug Reece announced at last week’s City Council meeting.

Woodin Creek Village will include 800 to 1000 apartments, 50,000 square feet of commercial space and improvements to the roadway, stream and trail. The development will be bordered by 133rd Avenue NE, NE 171st Street, 138th Avenue NE and NE 173rd Street, with the latter two being extended further than they go now.

Plans for the project have changed since the council approved the development agreement last May, Reece said.

“Phase 1 is a little different than what we originally envisioned, and Phase 2 is a lot different than what we originally envisioned. And I think you’ll like it,” Reece said. “Our original thought was that the first two buildings on the left side of the plan would be Phase 1, the second two buildings would be Phase 2, the third two buildings would be Phase 3. But we’ve talked to some experts and thought about this and realized developing retail and apartments on one side of 135th, leaving the other side to be developed later, would probably be a mistake. That it makes a whole lot more sense to develop both sides of 135th Street, to complete the street, to complete the retail on both sides and the apartments above.”

Now, Phase 1, on the west side of the development, has an “intimate,” “townhouse kind of feel” rather than the “pretty linear, grid-like...blocks” in the original plan, said Harold Moniz, a consultant for Woodin Creek Village.

“The client has been really adamant about creating a high-quality living environment, so we were put to task to come up with a better design and a little more efficient design,” Moniz said. He added, “We spent a lot of time trying to create individual buildings and a rhythm of buildings that wasn’t monolithic or the same as you go along.”

The new design includes a slightly curving residential street and much more green space, he said. The number of residential units has also increased. The facades of the buildings are designed to look like they’re made up of several different buildings.

Moniz said the developers are also considering making the southwest building a condominium, rather than apartments, which “would provide an even more diverse mix of people within this community.”

“Having that opportunity, I think, for individuals to actually own a piece of downtown Woodinville, so to speak, and live there, call it their home, I really think there are people looking to do this right now,” Councilmember Scott Hageman said, supporting the proposal for a condominium. “Retiring up on the hill, and so on and so forth, and they don’t want to leave Woodinville, they want to downsize, and there’s not a lot of options for that.”

Woodin Creek Village Associates is scheduled to close on the Canterbury Square property on May 30, and will then begin removing trees and shrubs in the hopes of replanting them in the new development.

“This is a very complex purchase and sale agreement. We’re dealing with 128 individual sellers, along with their condominium association,” Reece said. “They’re very excited to finally be getting to the point where they can sell their homes, and we’re excited for them.”

He expects a “mass exodus” of homeowners in June, and WCVA will work with the homeowners to move, sell or abandon their mobile homes within 30 days of closing.

Construction of Phase 1 will begin in July, assuming WCVA gets the necessary building permits from the city. Phase 1 will be finished and Phase 2 will begin in mid-2015.

“2016, Woodin Creek Village is a reality,” Reece. “It’s not finished, but the street’s there, the stream’s improved, and you have your retail component in place. There’s been a lot of interest among the retail clientele.”

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