Kathy Price is Fit and Fabulous in Her 60’s

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
Mike Connolly is proud of his wife Kathy Price and for good reason.  Kathy is the Owner and Coach at Agoge CrossFit in Woodinville and at 65 years old she looks amazing.  Not only does she look 20 years younger than she is but according to Mike she can outperform most women of any age.
Mike speaks the truth, as Kathy placed 2nd in the Northwest and 26th in the World CrossFit Games Masters Division just a few years ago. 
Kathy Price and MikeKathy Price and Mike Connolly (Courtesy photo)I met up with Kathy and Mike at Agoge CrossFit off 144th Avenue NE just a few doors down from Triplehorn Brewing Company.  The location is perfectly suited for those wanting easy access and the warehouse space is large and really awesome as a gym.
Health and fitness have always been a part of Kathy’s life.  Prior to becoming one of the first CrossFit Level 1 Trainers in 2008 (along with a ton of additional certifications), she earned her BA in Psychology and BS in Nursing and worked as a Registered Nurse. 
When she moved to the Seattle area in 2006, she started working with a trainer at a gym in Sand Point and as she says, “It was killing me but I loved it.”
The difference?   CrossFit. 
CrossFit was new and that location was the only one at that time.  “My whole life changed,” said Kathy.  She explained that CrossFit is different because you are doing circuits that feature functional movement.  “It’s back to basics,” she said.   The exercises mimic what you do in everyday life and help you build strength.   Like the twisting you may do to get a child out of a car seat or reaching for an item on a top shelf in the kitchen. 
Not long after she started with that gym the two owners there, Dave Werner and Nick Nibler, were splitting up and Nick asked Kathy to become a partner.  “I never thought I’d be a gym owner but it made me feel so great.” 
With her nursing background the answer was definitely yes as she was always interested in the preventative side of medicine.  Now she could help people by teaching proper nutrition and exercise to help them stay healthy for their whole life.
Fast forward to present day and Agoge is the oldest CrossFit affiliate in the world.  That is pretty impressive considering there are 15,000 now. 
Although Mike works outside the gym in his own business they are both very active at the gym and shared that CrossFit is great for couples as you do the same workouts by scaling based on strength and ability.    They also stressed the community and supportive nature of the gym.  “The community of CrossFit is supporting, fun, and just incredible,” Kathy said.
According to Kathy, it’s really for everyone.  She encourages people to just come and talk with her about their concerns and goals for getting fit.  They’ve watched shy high school students blossom with their newfound strength and marvel at their oldest member at 77 years old who  excels with every workout.  They love to hear how healthy and strong their members feel.
When Kathy and Mike aren’t working they enjoy our area by hiking, swimming, and just getting outdoors. 
Agoge CrossFit    
 (425) 949-9645

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