Video Game Reviews for Kids: DLC Day!

Hi. In today’s column I’ll talk about some downloadable content, or DLC. This is a feature that some games have that allows you download more content, like skins, maps, game modes and gear into the original game.

The Octo Expansion:

Splatoon 2’s first expansion is a clever new single player mode. When you first enter Deep Sea Metro after paying $20, you are an octoling that doesn’t remember anything. These clever puzzles use the mechanics of the game in whole new ways. By beating it you get an awesome prize, the ability to play multiplayer as an octoling. Don’t worry about getting stuck as you can skip the level or phase and come back to it later. I think it is great. Watch the trailer at

Legend of Zelda:

Breath of the Wild Expansion Pass: In Zelda’s new open world game, chests are hidden around the world. Why not add some more? For twenty dollars,  new ex chests are added into the map and it’s up to you to find them. They may contain jewels or even exclusive clothing and armor. Perfect way to keep playing once you have beat the main story. Here is the trailer.

In the Name of Tsar:

Battlefield 1’s DLC proves that you don’t need to pay for some of this awesome stuff including The Russian Army; new maps like Tsaritsyn, Volga River, Lupkow Pass, Albion, Galicia, and Brusilov Keep; new Russian themed gear; new vehicles; and pretty much new everything. All this is for free on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Looks like a huge level up for the game. Watch the trailer here at

I hope you try some of these DLC’s. Send me a message with your favorite games!

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