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  • Written by Sara Graham

After biking the South end of Whidbey Island (see maps at, Sara’s favorite post-workout treat (where you can find amazing coffee and blueberry pancakes) is served at the Mulkiteo Coffee Company.  No adventure on Whidbey is complete without a visit there.

But, finding the Mulkiteo Coffee Company is not as easy as the name implies. Unless you know someone who knows about it you won’t know about it because they aren’t in Mulkiteo!  They don’t advertise and they are far off the highway, in the woods of Langley, on a private road that is only partially paved and seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Sara Mukilteo

The Mulkiteo Coffee business (in the native language Mulkiteo means “goose neck” for the shape of the spit of land where the Mulkiteo lighthouse now sits) actually did start in Mulkiteo selling expresso drinks from a cart in front of the long-gone Seahorse Restaurant. Long time residents claim it was the first expresso cart in the country.

To get there, take the 20 minute ferry ride from Mulkiteo to Clinton.  Watch for whales, seals and observe a multitude of different seabirds.  Pay close attention to the announcements for disembarking and importantly where you parked your car. 

Driving off the ferry puts you immediately on Highway 525 (which becomes Highway 20 as you head north).  Go 5 miles on 525 and turn right onto Crawford Road, it’s easy to miss so be watching for it.  Go approximately 1 mile (and 4 speed bumps) and look for the Mulkiteo Coffee Company sign on the right.  Congratulations you made it.

Go inside to the counter on the left to order, pay and get a number to put on the table you chose.  Enjoy the relaxed and kicked back ambience of Island living.

Whether cycling the south end of Whidbey, beach combing at Possession Point, hiking at the Double Bluff beach or just shopping in the old harbor town of Langley,  your  visit should include the Mulkiteo Coffee Company.

Open : Tuesday – Saturday for 8 – 4pm.

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