The Root Connection CSA gives members a taste of the farm

  • Written by Woodinville Weekly Staff

Some Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms deliver a box of produce to their members each week. At the Root Connection Farm, coming to the farm—located between Woodinville and Redmond at 13607 Woodinville-Redmond Rd—is part of the attraction.

On a typical weekend, JoAnn Geer spends an hour walking around the farm checking the progress of the crops in the field. She cuts bright dahlias, zinnias, and snapdragons; snips fragrant basil and sage; and helps her grandchildren pull carrots out of the ground in the Children’s Garden.

“To see it growing, to get your hands in the dirt, that’s half the joy,” she says. Geer, who enjoys freezing and preserving, says she still has kale in the freezer and dried dill in the cupboard from last year.

Founded by farmer Claire Thomas, the Root Connection is the Northwest’s oldest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, providing up to 300 families with fresh, chemical-free produce since 1987.

The farm is now accepting members for the 2019 season. For more information, see

Members buy a “share” for the growing season and then pick up mouth-watering, just-picked veggies at the farm each week, from June through October. Farm staff grow and harvest the produce, stacking the week’s harvest into bins in the farmstore, ready for members to load into their own bags and containers that they bring to the farm.

Crops grown on the 20-acre farm include almost every vegetable you can imagine, and some you may not have heard of: lettuce, peas, green beans, carrots, broccoli, beets, leeks, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, yellow squash, zucchini, winter squash, kohlrabi, bok choy, and more.

Members can also help themselves to dozens of varieties of U-pick greens and flowers at no extra charge, and children can explore the Children’s Garden (touching allowed!)

For Dr. Josh Winslow of Sound Life Chiropractic in Kirkland, joining the farm last year inspired him to develop tasty new ways to add more healthy food to his diet (think beet salad and stuffed kohlrabi).

“I recommend the farm to our patients all the time,” he says. “The quality is second to none. Finding out where your food comes from, supporting local farmers. My kids are already asking ‘When does the farm start?’ ”

Shortly after Betsy Christensen moved to the area 18 years ago, a friend introduced her to the Root Connection. Now, she says, she won’t buy vegetables anywhere else.

“The quality, the variety, the lack of pesticides, knowing who grows your food. Why would I buy anywhere else?”

Her children grew up with the farm and, she’s proud to say, have continued those healthy eating habits into their young adult lives. “They know what food should taste like and what it means to be sustainable,” she says. Today

Christensen and her husband split a share with their 26-year-old daughter, Grace.

The cost of a Root Connection share works out to about $45/week and provides plenty of veggies for a family of 4-6. Smaller families can choose to split a share with another family. You can reserve your spot with a $50 deposit.

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