Buyer Tip - 5 Features You Might Want to Skip

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When looking to buy a home there are some home and neighborhood features that might not be valuable to you. Skipping them might help you get the features that are important for you and help you stay within or even under your home budget.
5 Features that you might want to skip:
Big yard. Even if you have kids and/or pets a big yard isn’t always a good thing.  Yards take time & money to maintain and if there are parks nearby or your kids play organized sports and go to practice fields/courts, you may not end up using your yard near as much as you think.  Also – the larger the property, typically the higher the property taxes.
Large Home. Large living spaces and extra rooms are nice to have – but will you use them?  The floor plan is actually more important than the square footage, so determine what “spaces” you want to have and why. Formal living & dining rooms are the most often unused rooms in a home – maybe a Great Room floor plan will be just what you need.
Room Specific Amenities.  A kitchen with high-end appliances, a temperature-controlled wine room, in-home home theater, in-home sauna, or a second kitchen area.  For some homeowners, these are dream features, but if you won’t use them then why pay extra for them?
Property Specific Amenities. Master gardens, in-ground swimming pool, sports court, waterfront, etc. Think carefully about the lifestyle you want to have – these can all cost you extra money so only pay for them if you will use them.
A Top School District. If you don’t have kids or kids that will be attending the local schools – you might be willing to find a home in a school district that isn’t at the top of the charts.  Just remember that the lower price you pay up front might also translate into a lower sales price when you look to sell your home, since this may be a resale issue.  Make sure you are intentional about any trade offs you make.  A good buyer’s broker will tell you the negatives about a property in addition to the selling features.

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