Planning your home move

If you are planning to move it will be a lot less stressful if you follow a Moving Plan. Here is a sample plan based upon the Number of Weeks before you move:
7 Weeks
Contact the company Moving Link and they can help you get 3 estimates from reputable moving companies, help you decide what is the best moving option for you and they will give you tips on how to save money.  Their services are complementary to you – they are paid by the moving company that you end up selecting.
5-6 Weeks
Inventory all possessions – decide what to move, sell or gift to a friend, family member or charity. (Remember – sometimes it costs more to move an item then sell/gift it and buy a new one that is just right for your new home). Request copies of all medical, dental, legal, accounting and veterinary records for you and your family. Make arrangements for record transfers between schools.
4 Weeks
Sell and gift all items identified above.  Arrange for short term storage if you will need it. Make travel arrangements for pets, including necessary medical records, immunizations, etc.  Schedule packing help if needed.
3 Weeks
Collect sufficient supply of packing materials (look for free sources), pack items you won’t use immediately or that will go into storage, contact utilities on both ends of the move – notifying of termination & setting up new accounts. Use up food and cleaning supplies.
2 Weeks
Pepare car(s) for trip (have it serviced, tires checked, etc). Terminate any delivery services (paper newspaper, milk, produce, recurring delivery subscriptions on Amazon, etc.). Schedule an appliance service for moving day to prepare appliances for the move (if applicable). Dispose of all flammables & household hazardous materials. Return library books. Confirm with moving company – let them know if anything has changed.
1 Week/Week of move
Return items borrowed from friends, prepare a travel kit (especially any needed medicine/prescriptions), notify friends & family of new address.  Defrost freezer & refrigerator – give away food. Have cash on hand for moving. Pack items that need to be with you – valuables, financial records, personal papers, prescriptions, etc.  Pack a box that is your Moving Day Box – including a hammer, screwdriver, flashlight, tape, scissors, pen, paper, cups, pet water dish & food, band aids, water, snacks, and other items you might need that first day/night in your new place.
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