Northshore Students Create Eclipsnotes

  • Written by David B. Clark

It all started with an Advanced Placement Environmental Science class at North Creek High School. Most of the students in the class did very poorly on the midterm exam. While it wasn’t the case for the entire class, it seemed like there was a little bit of a disconnect between the teacher, the students, and the coursework. Inspired by Khan Academy, a handful of students took it upon themselves to create educational videos to disseminate the knowledge in a different style. Almost right away, numerous students became more engaged and their performance in the class spiked.

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21 Acres’ Prioritizes Beekeeping for Woodinville Agriculture

  • Written by Alexandra Polk

A stable bee population should be a major concern for agricultural cities like Woodinville, according to experts at sustainable agriculture collective 21 Acres, and a new program there is making bees a priority.

The staff at 21 Acres launched the #BEEvesting program in early April to not only educate the Woodinville community on bee hospitality, but to also expand what is known as the Pollinator Pathway, according to 21 Acres’ public relations consultant, Brenda Vanderloop.

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Seattle Angels puts the caring in foster care

  • Written by David B. Clark

May is National Foster Care Awareness Month. Seattle Angels, a wonderful not-for-profit organization, is focused on wrapping community around children and families in the foster care system. Their mission statement is centered on the journey of providing consistent attention to those in the foster care system that need it most by harnessing the organizations three central pillars: intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship using their values of community, empowerment, and hope to guide them.

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Where's Sara? - Poo Poo Point

  • Written by Sara Graham

There is no poo pooing the hike to Poo Poo Point on Tiger Mountain in Issaquah no matter which direction you hike it.  If you are looking for a legit hike close to Woodinville that the whole family can enjoy, then Poo Poo Point is just the ticket.

There are two trail heads you can start from, both located off exit 17 on I-90 just a 30 minute drive from the Woodinville Park and Ride.  The first trail head starts at Issaquah High School. It is a 7.2  mile round trip to the north landing area of Poo Poo Point.  The other trail head is the Chirico Trail which starts 3 miles past the high school, off Issaquah-Hobart road. It is 3.8 miles round trip.  Both are challenging – the high school route is longer but the Chirico Trail is steeper.  

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Buyer Tip - 5 Features You Might Want to Skip

  • Written by This Guest Column provided by The Blue Team.
When looking to buy a home there are some home and neighborhood features that might not be valuable to you. Skipping them might help you get the features that are important for you and help you stay within or even under your home budget.
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