A Star is Born…Brooke Butler

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
From her favorite production at Woodinville High School, Noises Off, to her current role as the young Darlene Snell on the critically acclaimed original Netflix series, Ozark, Brooke Butler is paying her dues and getting noticed.
I caught up with Butler recently to see how she’s faring with her new role and living the Hollywood dream so to speak. 
When I mentioned that things seem to be going really well and asked if she feels like she’s paid her dues, she said, “Never. I never stop working to improve.  You never think you are good enough.  I’m always in class, writing or performing.” 
“It [acting] is extremely cut throat,” Butler said.  She is grateful to have found a group of wonderfully supportive friends and colleagues but that has taken time and it isn’t easily found in the industry.  They are genuinely happy for each other when someone lands a role.  “It is a big enough industry and there is a place for everyone if they are willing to work hard,” she added.
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Three Situations where Knowing CPR Helps

  • Written by Guest Column by Steve Crain, CPR Northwest Washington
Most of the time people think of CPR with regard to a heart attack or cardiac arrest, which is good because when a person is in cardiac arrest, CPR is needed.  But providing high quality CPR is also very helpful in other circumstances not normally associated with providing CPR.   Allergic reaction, drowning or choking can also require CPR to help save a life.
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BYLAND…Music Should Bring People Together

  • Written by Kristen Hamilton
When we met at a nearby coffee shop, I instantly knew that Alie Renee Byland was an old soul, despite her youthfulness, with a heart of gold.
Alie (Martinez) grew up with her four siblings in rural New Mexico.  They were homeschooled, and she told me how her mom would sneak money from the grocery budget to pay for piano lessons.  To this day, music is still a very big part of all of their lives.
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Secrets to a Sustainable Fall

  • Written by Guest Column By Michelle Metzler
There’s nothing quite like the arrival of fall in the Pacific Northwest. The air turns crisp, the leaves change color and, for a brief window, the days still stretch out long and full of light.
As we prepare for the changing seasons, squeezing the last out of the good weather with on-the-go activities and takeout food can make for sloppy recycling. And even though Woodinville is home to a strong recycling program, there’s no time like the present to make sure we’re all recycling right.
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